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For the life of me, I do not know what this poll means.

Majority of Americans — and even the majority of conservatives — support McCarthy’s ouster.

In functioning government terms, we would be in better shape without a McCarthy ouster. On that score, I guess I do not support McCarthy’s oustwe. But I could not vote for the guy or want a congress critter to do so — unless, like, he makes a deal to drop the Biden Impeachment charade and agrees to debt ceiling obliteration. I guess I support the Republicans keeping him as their leader. I do not support the Democrats taking him in as a leader.

But The deed is done. We skip ahead to Scalise. And then we skip to Jim Jordan. And we are moving further and further into the ridiculous. Scalia’s was yesterday’s wackadoodle, a sop from yesterday’s leadership to appease yesterday’s wackadoodles. By dent of him being in leadership, he is tainted by the perpetual “rebel”s. So comes Jim Jordan. And what’s next?

In the proceedings there come a few moments of curiosity. See this WATCH: Maxine Waters Is Met With A Chorus Of Boos From Republicans During House Speaker Vote. Very simple question — any particular reason why? Yes, I know she is a partisan figure who has made partisan comments for years but that does not account for anything. No one else got this treatment — even partisan figures who have made partisan comments. The more bothersome problem is the “bottom half of the Internet” commentary that with a prior that this makes perfect sense, a natural state of being –boo Waters. Did she make statements on Palestine that I missed?

The vote rallying announcing at the end of the second vote gets amusing. So all the Democrats applaud at Jeffries — show of support to the leading vote getter and all that. He leaves off the honorific “Honorable” for some of the alsos — I gather a former Representative in Lee Zeldin does not get the honor. I would have to go back and see if John Boehner was given the title — a man who also received a batch of applause, I guess from Republican nostalgia-sts pining for the previous era.

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