one down, eleven point five to go

Yeah, watching a Seahawks team splunker off, the thought occurs that you can switch to that great moving into the playoffs Mariners team. And there you watch injuries and sudden woes all over tear the ninety nine point six percent chance downward. Still in that place where the team and its fans would not change want to change places with the Baltimore Orioles — a three game lead is a three game lead, and there can not be any trip ups for the Orioles while there has to be for the Mariners. But all this makes moot fan clamoring on whether we would rather have that third wi!scard spot over that second — the answer appears to be yes, bring on the Cleveland Indian, er — let’s call them the Ians, — though from a bit of psychological thought that means the team can only make it in over two decades in the most generous “let em in” playoff expansion. But the further answer is … The choice slides to last one in or out, fools!

So. The Seahawks. Week 2. Watch and enjoy as they hold up defensively if nowhere else. Then Trey Lance goes down to injury and you know it is over — you can turn the tv off. For the Seahawks’s chances hinged on Lance sucking. And mind you, I have no idea if Trey Lance sucks — no one does — or if he sucks now but won’t later — the hope the 49ers franchise holds for him if he does. What we know is that gone, Garrapolo is primed not to suck against a bad team.

Comically enough the next two games see the Seahawks up against lousy competition. Improbably enough I easily see them 3-1. Next comes that six game losing streak or something. Of course, the other two lousy teams see the Seahawks and think — there’s a win, so 1-3 is possible. I see a win against the Falcon and loss against the Lions, 2-2. Then enjoy that losing cluster!

Geno Smith wants to trademark his expression after that week 1. “They wrote me off — I don’t write back”, or thereabouts. This, I imagine, will lock up all that Geno Smith merchandise that will sell like wild cakes for the coming decades for the Legend of Geno Smith. Or maybe require whoever the he’ll wants to use the expression after an actual comeback to pay him, or more likely think of a different expression.

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