Blemishes to your argument

“For a guy who claims to be a big ‘states’ rights guy –” (mimic a southern drawl) “I stand by states’ rights” — back to regular outraged voice “and Lindsey Graham dare propose that national 15 week Abortion ban!”

No Republican has used the term “state’s rights” since the early or mid 1970s. No Democrat has used it since the early 1980s (as they let the last segregationist retire into the night). Maybe I am wrong about this in specifics, and you can quote Storm Thurmond from some point, but if wrong in specifics I am right in general theme.

On the broader theme of ‘Federalism’, everybody is one until they are not, situationally. Politics is kind of frustrating. One actually wants to hold onto some limiting values, but the laws of “what is once voluntary becomes mandatory” take hold as norms are established, and look and sed that partisan allies had other ideas with limited proposals. Never take in localities, or at times aim to drag the provincals forward.

I suppose with Lindsey Graham and federalism — heard by opponents as the anachronistic “states’ rights” phrase, he may land in a “hypocrisy” claim they — who never argue “localities decide” points or order, or not as much. I suppose, if I wished to grant them credit on this one.

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