New Hampshire waiting


Outside groups have also spent millions as the parties jockey to help their chances in November. A super PAC backed by national Republicans has helped Morse by spending $4.6 million portraying him as “one tough conservative” who’ll fight for border security, and calling Bolduc’s ideas “crazy” by highlighting some of his controversial past statements, including calling Sununu a “Chinese Communist sympathizer.” But Senate Majority PAC, the Democrats’ principal outside group, has spent $3.1 million attacking Morse as a “sleazy politician” who is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s choice in the race. These ads haven’t mentioned Bolduc, but they’ve hit Morse for taking money from lobbyists, including one with connections to the Chinese Communist Party and another group that lobbied for pharmaceutical companies amid the opioid epidemic.

A continuing storyline and theme worth watching in this election cycle is Democratic Party advertising on behalf of the perceived “less electable” Republican primary opponent, or put another way the ones that most closely and cleanly defined by President Biden as the “MAGA Republicans” — undifferentiated and unqualified from there — and are described by him as threats to our democracy. We await the election results on Tuesday which, parsing the narrowness, will see if it was the Democrats ultimately at fault for nominating them…. the very threat to democracy.

This one is a little interesting. Previously one can argue a point — that even if the fainted Democratic ad line calling the Republican “too conservative” is designed to gain support from the Republican electorate, it is the line of attack which will carry into the general election, term shifted to “extreme”. Here the line of attack is designed to amplify Bolduc’s ” Chinese communist sympathizer” — even if it is retouched to the more prosaic love babyish problems claim.

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