1 down, 4.5 to go

I have to ponder a meaning for different “sponsored content” that pops up on sports related websites.

Yeah, that Camp Lejeune really screwed everyone over for four and a half decades. And am I reading that right — The Bible has a cure for Old Age?

That bathing suit is not going to inspire confidence in anyone. Especially the average sports ball fan.

So. Hey! How ’bout them Seahawks? They won the one game that the league put on in a Primetime Sunday or Monday slot. Now the league goes back to, as the scheduling announces, ceasing to care about them. And, as the Vegas odds makers have the team at an over / under 5.5 wins, fans can look forward to 4.5 more wins scattered about the season. Of course, the problem is that the team ultimately did not win — per se — as much as the Denver Broncos gift wrapped and handed the game over to the Seahawks. And the funnier thing is that the coaching decisions for the Seahawks, at the crucial moments, were bad. They just were outdone by the coaching decisions of the Broncos. Memo to Coach Carroll: the next time the opposing team lines up for a 64 yard field goal, do not call a timr-out. Because this gives them a chance to realize what a boneheaded move this is, and come back so Wilson can try for a five yard pass instead.


No. Do not push on this piece of link bait.

Extrapolating off of the NFL coverage map for what games are playing in what markets and geographic areas —

Green means Broncos — Texans. The reason all of the state of a Texas is red except for the Houston area is that red is Cowboys — Bengals. Blue is Cardinals – Raiders. Looking at this, I am guessing everyone in Seattle will have Wilson available to watch on network broadcast television through this season. New York does not get that honor with their ex-qb of Geno.

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