partisan focal points

Yeah, don’t forget the hub ub over President Trump eating well done steak with ketchup, the mirror image of conservative focus on meaningless crap of the Obama Administration.

And, sure, I hate to play the “bothsider” game, in a field where things were focused on to fill 24 hours of Fox News coverage, and then a smattering of things to fill up 24 hours of MSNBC coverage. Certainly there were things focused in on with Trump that actually mattered — oh, the attempted and ongoing slow motion coup thing. And then there are one or two I guess I can fake — no one ever explained to me what there was with Stormy Daniels I was supposed to care about, but it did do wonders for her career — I… guess?

But I go back to the well done steak thing and a New Yorker article on why it matters and give the two word rebuttal: “It doesn’t”.

Alabama Republican Party removes four legislative candidates from primary ballot

They supported Democrats. I do not know how recently. The story does not explicate. The question is… as recently as Trump did?

In GOP embrace of truckers, some see racist double standard

The “whataboutism” too easily flipped, and indeed is in other articles from the other partisan side. I suppose the partisan angle gets doubled over by the racial angle, but that is just how it skips over.

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