Been a few years since I had that “the Ukraine is weak” tshirt

Wandering into the fog of war, where — regardless of the immorality of Putin’s military aggression the ensuing tales of Ukrainian valor and resistance and stories of Russian civilian and military opposition read as wishful thinking. It might all be true. And perhaps Putin’s imperialist dreams will be squashed. But only intermittently does any clue come out of the news coverage.

Back in 2002 or 2003, a news article from some paper of record recorded that with Iraq, Bush enters period three of his presidency — the first one ending at 9/11 and dealing with his domestic agenda (a tax cut and no child left behind). I suppose we can possibly say that now Biden’s administration moves into his second period of his administration — foreign policy and the circumstances of a geopolitical cold war moving to the front — I see National Review declares it a failure everywhere and anywhere, I see the Washington Monthly pointing to an economy as going great despite inflation, and I hear a liberal podcast I listen to kvetch on the dividing of the infrastructure bill with “build back better”. (That last one buggering the question — in a Senate where nothing will pass without Joe Manchin — you didn’t want that in fracture bill to pass? Understand, the most likely outcome come November will be the title of ” Most Powerful figure in the Senate” moves from Manchin to Mitch McConnell — so those podcasters can enjoy that one.

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