who’s on these days?

Curious. What Americans are hosting on the “Russia TV” outlet these days? In a prior age, I noted Thom Hartmann — who had an hour and did discuss it on his radio show — being segue into apocalyptic fantasies –, the late Ed Schultz –I noted when he died –, and a Jon Stewart inspired show planting his flag in the Occupy Movement profiled in a New Yorker article that focused on how he shut down any guests who criticized Russia’s government. If f the three, and understanding the basic programming metrics of the network — highlight to the max American societal and cultural dysfunction and align against American or NATO military actions I am a little surprised by Schultz who was a firmer Democratic Party functionary than Hartmann and rather hawkish on Obama’s military actiins.

This article brings up who’s there now.

Meanwhile, at least two contributors — a French journalist who hosted a daily talk show on RT’s French-language service, and a British reporter based in Moscow — resigned in protest of the military action. And yet a handful of American celebrities, including William Shatner and comedian Dennis Miller, host shows for RT.

Not really following the trajectory of political thought on Dennis Miller — he still have his radio show? — I gauge they rope in whatever third tier radio talk show they find. I doubt it would square with his neoconservative hawkishness back when candidate McCain declaring “We’re all Georgians” when Putin sent Russian troops to blast Georgia in 2008. Shatner is apparently throwing out “fringe science” on a “science” program —

In June, RT America began airing a science show hosted by Shatner, the legendary “Star Trek” actor, which the network promised would highlight stories “the establishment media all too often hesitates to tackle.”
Neither Miller nor Shatner has said anything publicly about the Russian invasion; representatives for both men did not immediately respond to inquiries. RT America also did not respond to multiple inquiries.

The nature of the programming, Shatner is more in the clear than Miller — how can Miller not mention current events in a current events show? (If that is still what he has.)

The third name is Jesse Ventura who, the article points out and to his credit, has expressed his opine on Russia’s incursion into Ukraine: yes bad, and yes the US government has no moral authority.

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