Socially conscious as always, twitter, destroys someone or other on halftime show

So far as I can tell, two people with some wikipedia notability level of fame made disparaging comments on the Superb Owl Halftime show. Charlie Kirk — the late twenties wunderkind of “next generation of conservative talk radio”, and whoever the neck the other person was. By any accounts, the halftime show was a hit — reached a sweet spot for late thirty early forty somethings, represents the furthest of mainstreaming of hip hop and comes with some fuzziness of a grand racial celebration of black artists (and Eminem) without a heavy load the Beyonce performance of several years’ back. I bring that last one up only because of how the two ” disgraceful” comments read to the inevitable headlines of “Twitter smashes Charlie Kirk and (other guy)” collection of batch of tweets that… smash Charlie Kirk and other guy”. Damned racist. Where was he with the Rolling Stones retro show of a number years back, which surely made some sexual allusions of some kinds but are now lost in constant airplay over supermarket background music, and this isn’t even politically pointed as one was a few years’ back, and this is the guy making “cancel culture” commentary on “trigger” ing and “leftists politicizing everything”.

The problem is always a kind of… You can always turn the channel to the Puppy Bowl. But then… Who is standing there, coaching one of the teams of too cute puppy dogs? Snoop Dog. Damnedit, the rappers have Charlie Kirk coming and going!!!

In less famed people, random commenters in the bottom half of the Internet make the dumb line about how “not the core football audience”, missing the point of the broadening purpose of the spectacles around the Superb Owl game — the core football audience is, by definition, watching.

The question of why anyone cares to note a couple complainers on the halftime show with a blaring headline and collection of tweets — well, it is an easy job and the headline was already written.

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