Can’t find the right cultural ambassadors anymore

Here is a short film from 1907 where a girl emasculates a pig first by stripping it of his clothing then again by putting a dress on him. The final act appears to be the actor showing off the pig costumes mechanics by wiggling its tongue a bit.

Some time back I heard the number of movie theaters in the city in the year 1910 — or thereabouts. It was an astounding number — except maybe it wasn’t, when I consider that just about every person I walk past has a couple of screens in their immediate accompany, useful to watch the same dramatic pig in a dress story that theater goers snuck into for a brief novelty a little over a century ago.

Of course, chances are that average passer bys are not doing so — watching that 1907 pig film I mean. What are they watching? Stop six people and you will get five answers. The rating winner is whoever manages to be on two of these personalized screens.

I stare at some political headlines, and scratch my head.

Barack Obama and Oprah have personally called Sen. Joe Manchin to urge him to support Senate filibuster reform, report says

Is this meaningful to Man China’s constituency? A gander at Obama’s performance in West Virginia — first, Hillary Clinton beat him in the 2008 primary 66.93 percent to 25.77 percent. McCain beat him in the general by the more respectable 55.6 percent to 42.51 percent. Four years later, Obama turned in his worst 2012 primary record in the state winning 59.35 percent to challenger Keith Judd’s 40.65 percent. I assume these Keith Judd Democrats settled into a split between Romney and the third party candidates, Romney beating Obama 62.3 percent to 35.54 percent — but there hasn’t been any polling study on these results.

As for Oprah — well, it has been a while since she has had a national syndicated program. I guess she has a magazine and a cable station — but who doesn’t have such niche casts they can throw out there? May as well find Joe Rogan.

The question is — you need to reach Manchin for these political purposes — who do you reach for in this “everyone has a personal theater divorced from every other personal theater, culture no longer bound together by everyone watching pig costume shorts” moment? Had if I know.

Item: Aaron Sorkin: Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Can Go to Hell’ After Quoting ‘A Few Good Men’ Speech.

Write a memorable catch phrase, jackass politician uses it — I guess we see that Greene is attached to one cultural touchstone. Oprah will never reach out to her, though.

Moments of absurdism: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday — as she took her turn in a long list of party leaders decrying Trump and solemnly marking the anniversary — paused her remarks to throw to an on-camera tape of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the lyricist extraordinaire and author of the hip hop musical Hamilton.

I suppose Pelosi has a read out of the high end prestige entertainment tastes of her base, if nothing else. Though, she also ran out Dick Cheney — odd, considering the one good thing about President Trump is he was not Vice President Cheney — though, but that is beside the point — or maybe part of the point — for the January 6th message.

Culture splintered every which way, and Hamilton not terribly swing vote affable — I guess you roll down the ratings to note that NFL football is currently slobbering anything.

Boomer Esiason has a source who says Aaron Rodgers will threaten Super Bowl boycott

All right. I have a new rooting interests — Go Packers. But only if this anti-vaxx one time Jeopardy host possibility actually goes through with it. Chaos Ball — see how it ripples the cultural holes.

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