Joe versus the Volcanoes

The year raged on, the base of the President hopeful in some model of Franklin Roosevelt — somehow failing to look about at the slim working majority that at times gets defined as though the 60 threshold filibuster is the problem — with partisan opponents eager to stamp at Jimmy Carter — it is enough for Carter partisans to come forth with a batch of new books.

But that leaves the question of — what Biden is someone else?

Joe Biden versus Chester Arthur. The point made in this editorial is one that is a tad tricky. Public works is necessary. Public works also comes with it loads of wasteful spending. Out country is littered with impressive things that peoples made rich off of exploiting. You go back and forth on at apologizing for graft at the expense of greater good and punishing manifestations of graft as not being worth the paltry goods produced.

I do not quite know what this editorial wants to draw from Martin Van Biden — he refuses to exp locate what he smuggly believes self-evident. Your “Bernie – wing” of the Democratic Party will take the example and lead it to the other direction on where these “elites” are charging.

Apparently the insult — not as veiled as “Let’s go Brandon” — for John Quincy Adams was to just call him a “pimp.” I did not know that.

I guess there is Benjamin Harrison — Harrison supported large government, a lofty tariff and improved civil rights for African Americans. His time in the Oval Office was mired by fierce labor strikes, discontent about the economy and a surging populist political movement. For some, his only memorable accomplishment was installing the first Christmas tree in the White House. Shall see, shant we?

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