Standing unfirmly

No, I got nothing. Not an enclave in Florida, is it?

I suppose if we take the concept of “The New Ford”, as opposed to Carter or Roosevelt, that does sink in — who the back is that New Reagan who will take the party but not this next nomination?

Whatever that would even mean.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dismissed criticism of the speech by pointing the finger at former President Trump.

“I know there has been a lot of claim of the offensive nature of the speech yesterday, which is hilarious on many levels, given how many people sat silently over the last four years for the former president,” Psaki said during a Wednesday press briefing.

Yeah, the dilemma. Trump either gives an out — “oh, pish — you say that after Trump?” or acts as a double edged sword, in that — “You were elected as Not Trump.”. It is a little like Carter, who got tripped up some minor scandal with a cabinet official because — clean unlike Nixon.

So, dicing about the meaning of fingering some equivalence for the two parties — the Republicans of Wyoming kicked Lynne Cheney from the party for running against Trump post – January 6th, (I guess the most fringe of her primary contestants now is running as the Constitution Party-er) — where Krysten Sinema gets a rebuke from Arizona Democrats for taking her stance on long range Institutional prerogatives against expediting for a bombastic view on a side – issue that does not mete the problem of where the slow moving Trump coup” or coup redo actually lay. (In partial defense of Mitch Mcconnell: he shoulda added about two words after “Americans” — clarify a reference to a category of Americans as against the whole group. Tricky, ain’t it? As were this is made into a “Freudian slip” — and he will just have to shout the crux of his argument — “New York voting regulations stricter than Georgia’s!” again and again, in ever shriller tonalities.)

So. The question. Is this Frank Luntz query for a focus group a manufacturing of consent by way of defining the frame? Candidate offerings of Democrat Biden, Republican Trump and Independent Manchin!!! I suppose you throw in the name of the most obvious tractable face in the news to chime in some political stances. In practice independent bids falter, and this one comes with a candidate whose chief messages — leveraging power to protect West Virginia interests and maintain long term Senate Institutional process — does not have any real national appeal on campaigning. I would want to do a memory drop and ask the same focus group the same support question with different names dumped in for Manchin — see where AOC or Yang or Cheney or Desantis gets us…

Hm. Marianne Williamson lining up her Nader lines?

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