Remember that bold red “impeach” bumper sticker?

Impeach President Carter.  Richard Mullins demanded, for lax immigration on the Mexican border and for the Panama Canal Treaty.

The Impeach President Ford button was a thing to buy.  We also see a behind pay wall archived news story on impeachment efforts from  California — I assume Orange County.

I am very much puzzled by the “Impeach President Biden” sweatshirt image.  Curious to see if the lot of the right wing fringe of Congress gets any dibs on this burdening effort, I see the bias of Wikipedia — first sentence for Paul Gosar, “Paul Anthony Gosar is an American far-right politician and former dentist …” — where, say, Cynthia McKinney  — “Cynthia Ann McKinney is an American politician and assistant professor at …” — but I am sure Coast can rail against Big Tech in his Biden Impeachment drafts.

Impeaching Eisenhower was a beatnik affair —  Kerouac’s conservative politics an outlier.   And we have a retrospective argument against a compelling argument to impeach him for the U2 Incident.

Someone should fill out President Dukakis’s stewardship of the Soviet collapse Here, othrwise the bias of presupposed fatalism rings in — undid by just what undid Bush, with perceived mideast in actions not even buffering him!    I do not know when the President Perot one was written — the “succeeded by Biden” final gives the game away as trying to find one it abilities.  I gauge the “stopped 9/11” line as … Based on …?  And suppose the rest has the premise that “anyone woulda rode the 90s economy to high approvals!”

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