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Dipping into the curious equation of the California gubernatorial recall efforts, noting the Newsom strategy of urging voters to ignore and not fill out that second ballot —

— and seeing that in one of them fairly unpredictable and volitile polls, a Democrat — as the big “only person you can vote for if you want to put in a Democrat” — is in the least

— because otherwise, Larry Elder leads with 12 percent of the vote…

The 29 year old Democratic front- runner from out of the Tech industry (if running a YouTube channel can be called such) is now bubbling about — having to sell himself against the Newsom premise — or, as presenting himself …

And — boo boy — Biden is coming to campaign in Cali — as a sign of “bringing in the Big Guns”… Curious to see if Biden counts as a ” Big Gun”, even if he is President…

The upshot comes out of the status of the Democratic Party runner -up, second most relevant figure of nine in this race —

For one year of gubernatorial service —

He does share one quality with the previous winner of a California Recall election.

He played a Terminator.

Patrick appeared in Episode 205 “Goodbye to All That” as The Bedell Terminator, a T-888 sent by Skynet to terminate Martin Bedell, a future officer with the Resistance. It was noted in several production Podcasts and Blogs that Patrick was allowed to use the actual .45 Long slide with laser sighting used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original movie; a fact that delighted not only the actor and the crew, but fans as well.

So, should one want to etch that distinction into California history — voted in bot one, but two actors who played a Terminator cyborg as governor– Californians have that option.

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