headline news I cannot use much

Headline new jumping about yahoo. Huffington Post gives us “California GOP Gubernatorial Front-Runner Larry Elder Promotes Anti-Vax Doctor”. Sure. And there is perhaps going to come a time when the Democrats of California will want to pump up a candidate on the ballot for the ” in case their incumbent loses” — though maybe not — the two Democratic candidates with ” Wikipedia notability” lie outside their purview, so maybe the party brass just assumes they can get Elder or whoever in a year’s time. It figures that the lesson they brought from 2003 — do not confuse a binary proposition by letting in a Cruz Bustamante run and deal in a partisan fight where an unpopular Democrat should beat the Republican — may just blow up in their face. I suggest the Democratic Party try a clandestine bolstering and mobilize behind Jenner, just to screw things up.

“Miley Cyrus rocks crop top, goes makeup-free in Malibu after she rails against cancel culture”. This is brought to you by Fox News. Does she have stock with anyone?

“Juventus Women Tweets Racist Photo, Apologizes: It Was ‘Not Meant To Cause Controversy”. Courtesy huff post. As offensive photos go, I am kind of nonplussed. Probably not a good idea to put on that hat — I… Guess. But mostly — for a second I was confused — someone with first name ” Huge the” and last name “Women”? No. Apparently it is a sports team. I am confused because there is one mildly amusing image if in some right company accompanying it which goes in the “political career finished” category. Is it a sports team of one member?

“Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters Troll Westboro Baptist Church Again With Bee Gees Cover (Video)”. Mostly I am puzzled by describing any interaction with WBC as a ” feud”. That possible with those people?

“450,000 bees found living inside walls of U.S. home”. If only we had a time machine and could deposit them a decade back when the news was admitted with how a bee shortage was going to destroy our ecosystem.

“Biden flubs number of vaccinated Americans”. So goes the Washington Examiner. Stick a “-gate” behind the casual mis-peak, I guess.

“Obama cut Larry David, David Letterman, and Conan O’Brien from his 60th birthday party, but Beyoncé and Jay-Z are still invited”. I guess that will lose him the ” white working class” in racially polarized America? (Funny headline, apparently not noticing this racial angle, because reading on I do see “Bruce Springsteen, Steven Spielberg, and George Clooney, made the pared-down list”. And reading on, I see that the ” white working class” are alienated not so much because of the initial headline showing some white celebrities disinclined in favor of some black celebrities, but because it is a vegan affair.)

“We watched Meghan McCain’s farewell to ‘The View’ so you don’t have to” — an LA Times headline that begs a question — Why would I have to watch it in an alternate universe where they did not watch it? I do not understand the equation here.

“Britney Spears gets her 1st iPad amid conservatorship battle: ‘I feel like my life is changing'”. Huh. So… her conservatorship simply left her stranded in the year 2003, unable to buy new consumer projects? First World Problems.

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