In partial defense of President Trump…

… if a Senator or Vice President Biden were to have said that Osama Bin Laden was a “one hit wonder”, who would be barking at it and who would be defend a …

… reasonable, though technically incorrect, assessment…

… if one of those impolitic thingees…

… Which, theoretically, was the political plus for both Trump and a past Biden…


Yeah, I know. I can picture the Trump tweet.

3 Responses to “In partial defense of President Trump…”

  1. Ip Freely Says:

    I almost fell out of my chair. I guess when you’ve lost a dyed in the wool kool-Aid drinker you’ve lost the country. Time to pull the pin and fall on the grenade for the greater good of socialism? Kammy is itching to put on her knee pads.

  2. Your Nemesis Says:

    You guys coulda had Tulsi Gabbard in the White House. I guess the fact she served in the military offended you, and well, she wasn’t the “right” color. Now fate and identity polictics dictate you’re gonna get three years of the JamIndian Kamala Harris before 45 is elected(again). Why do you keep stepping on your dick?

  3. Justin Says:

    The strange thing about your response is that my blog post makes no negative response on Biden. Beyond putting this straight, I can not parse much meaning from anything you have posted. I can see a flaw hereabouts:
    You guys coulda had Tulsi Gabbard in the White House
    No we couldn’t’a.

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