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The “hot water” that Bill O’Reilly is in versus the “hot water” of Brian Williams.

And, there is one thing you can give Bill O’Reilly.  He is in the interest of pontification.  If he wants to make up broad stories about watching war horrors that never happened, it hurts his credibility that he never had in the first place.  Brian Williams is a glorified news reader, who wants to relay more harrowing war anecdotes than he has.

It is curious, the way memory works, that I do wonder if Williams was mis-remembering … flattering himself in memory, embellishing because the funny thing about a lot of experiences (even broadly understood as dramatic experiences) is… there’s sometimes less than there is in there.  Of course, the problem with Williams is you need to keep your memory centered as part of the “objectivity” aspect of the job duty.

The strange history of Bill O’Reilly in combat goes us back to an incident … The Radio Factor (Fox News Talk), 18 January 2005 … Roger from Portland would later be a guest on the Al Franken Show in a show replayed twice over the weekend, one curious problem of liberal radio — they kept talking about conservative radio.

Roger from Portland 
You just said you’ve been in combat, but you’ve never been in the military, have you?
Bill O’Reilly
No, I have not.
Roger from Portland
Then why do you say you’ve been in combat?
Bill O’Reilly
Why do I say that, Roger? Because I was in the middle of a couple of firefights in South and Central America.
Roger from Portland
But you were a media guy.
Bill O’Reilly
Yeah. A media guy with a pen, not a gun. And people were shooting at me, Roger.
Hillary Clinton … Bosnian Snipers… What did this one mean?
“I did make a mistake in talking about it, you know, the last time and recently,” Clinton told reporters in Pennsylvania where she was campaigning before the state’s April 22 primary. She said she had a “different memory” about the landing.
“So I made a mistake. That happens. It proves I’m human, which, you know, for some people, is a revelation.”
“This is really about what policy experience we have and who’s ready to be commander in chief. And I’m happy to put my experience up against Senator Obama’s any day.”

Bill O’Reilly and Fox News’s tact is that he’s being “targeted” by his “enemies”.  Which he is.  And good for them for exposing that.  Of course, O’Reilly would be the first to “target” Clinton on the Bosnian Sniper story, or anything candidate Clinton comes out with in 2016 by way of it all.

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