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The back cover of the latest Reason magazine … features an ad… where you can get the “classics of liberty library” in leather-bound editions.  To put up in the law office backdrop for impressive ambiance, I suppose. “Preserving the Tradition of Freedom”.

First Receive your copy of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and Rights of Man for just 9.99 plus shipping and handling.  And then get future volumes once a month at 39.95 plus shipping and handling.  Cancel anytime.   Classics such as…

Milton Freedman’s Capitalism.
Ludwig Von Mises Socialsim
The Oration of Cicero
Henry Clay Statesman
The Price of Freedom  by Coolidge (not a deep thinker, was that president?)
The Tempting of America by Robert Bork
Arguments of John Quincy Adams in the Case of the Mistad
The Trial of George Zimmerman by Jack Cahil.  (I think there’s a contradiction in the general thrust of the message in the last two books.)
Ronald Reagan in His Own Words.

Printed and Bound in USA.  Luxurious genuine leather binding.  Hubbed spine and gilded page edges.  Gold stamping on an original design.  Smyth Sewn acid neutral pages.  Permanent satin ribbon marker for easy reference.

That last one comes in handy because, you know… you’ll be wanting to keep your place in the book that if you call or order on their website you’ll get for 59.95 (huh?)  … Government Bullies by Rand Paul.

What a strange mish mash of books.  Can they throw in Treason by Ann Coulter?

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