kitz gone

Isolating the image in the papers, (and websites for the papers)… the under the gun politician image… sometimes I wonder what would happen if they just threw out a smiley happy stock photo for this thing.

From the Willamette Week letters page.

Conspicuously absent from your timeline is the date WW endorsed Kitzhaber for his fourth term, despite knowing all the facts. I think that in itself is worthy of a story: Why did WW endorse a candidate who in all likelihood would be under criminal investigation sometime in his term?

I don’t expect you to ever, under any circumstances, endorse a Republican, but at the very least you should have abstained. —“mj”

One working theory.  Think of it as “The Nation’s not electing McGovern” thing.  Endorse Kitzhaber, allow the dirt to blow up, and bring on the next gov.

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