WIlliams and Stewart: how they get to be related

The funny thing about the confluence of the news of Brian Williams and the news of Jon Stewart as happening at the same time, is that they now get to be piled together side by side for stories drawing out comparisons and the state of the media and “Stewart ends on top, Williams on Bottom”, when if Williams’s dis-sembling and Stewart’s resignation happened one month apart, there would be no tying the two stories up into one weird knot.

On Stewart, there is an “End of an Era” thing here.  I first saw Jon Stewart on his Paramount syndication show… so in that sense his resignation slides in with David Letterman’s as “back when I was watching”.  Today, I will just say I have a negative opinion of Jimmy Fallon, and sense that to diss Fallon is like dissing Leno and and even Carson before him — something like social commentary on America.

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