Doc Hastings is burning up

It’s pretty easy to see a swarth of the anti-Jay Inslee campaign for all of Eastern Washington.

Jay Inslee drops down into Eastern Washington.

He left the area after being unseated by current Fourth District Rep. Doc Hastings in 1994, but told members of the Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that he hasn’t forgotten his time as a hay farmer and small business owner east of the Cascades.

“It’s important to have a governor who knows a ‘Day’s Pay’ is not just what you earn,” Inslee said, referring to the B-17 bomber named in honor of the World War II-era Hanford workers who each donated a day’s pay to buy the plane as a contribution to the war effort.
“It’s important to have a governor who knows the Bulldogs aren’t just Garfield High in Seattle, but also the Pasco Bulldogs,” he said.
But it also is critical for the state’s next governor to understand Eastern Washington’s economy, and to see the potential for economic growth in its industries, he added.
Inslee said he sees the potential in Eastern Washington for industries that could make the entire state prosperous, namely the technology and energy businesses that are putting the Tri-Cities on the leading edge of what he termed a “new industrial revolution.”

Yeah, cue the “split Eastern Washington to Seattle suburbs” in one… two… three…

Still, Jay Inslee versus Doc Hastings news continues in odd places.

In Washington, Reps Norm Dicks (D-6th), Jay Inslee (D- 1st) and Adam Smith (D-9th) had a perfect voting record, voting for clean water all 14 times.  Reps Jim McDermott (D-7th) and Rick Larsen (D-2nd) voted for clean water 13 of 14 times, and Rep Dave Reichart (D-8th) voted for clean water 9 of 14 times.  On the contrary, Reps Doc Hastings (R-4th), Jaime Herrera-Beutler (R-3rd) and Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-5th) all voted for dirty water each time.
In Idaho, Reps Raul Labrador (R-1st) and Michael Simpson (R-2nd) voted for dirty water 13 of 14 times.

Actually Hastings, Beutler, and Rodgers weren’t voting for dirty water, so much as voting against, er, Job Killing stuff.

Republican Congressman, Doc Hastings (District 4) was also in town Monday morning and talking jobs with the folks at Adventure R-V.
The republican congressman told KIMA he agrees with Senator Murray’s assessment that Yakima has a skills gap.
“Let me put it this way,” Hastings said. “Talking to the proprietors here, they could use more people. And they’re having a tough time getting people.”

I suppose Hastings’s signing off on the “debt dealing” will garner him a primary opponent — or, I guess, a Republican “prefers Tea Party” candidate in the jungle primary.  Somebody other than Gordon Allen Pross.   This blog has accumulated the votes and puffed out the slew of Republicans, short of Ron Paul, as “RINO” and “Rat”.  Doc Hastings is apparently a “RINO”.   It won’t go anywhere, but it’ll make a fun voting pamphlet statement nonetheless.

Maybe this guy could run.  Surely he’s upset with Doc Hastings over not foaming at the mouth 24 / 7?

Last chance to get a Doc Hastings photograph at a yard sale.  Prices slashed.  I think the other offers are more enticing.

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