No Anarchy for you

Someone should do an inventory of where “Anarchist symbol” graffiti shows up around town.  I take it that the Anarchists are claiming various items of public and private property — freeing them.  A “Portland Tribune” box down South.  A dumpster downtown.  There seems to be an upsurge, but maybe I’m just noticing them right this moment for some reason.

This is what Anarchy is all about!


I caught the core of the Friday evening anti-war marchers — the part that remains, that makes some mincemeat off of the idea that Obama has exposed and showed the “anti-war movement” as a pack of partisan hacks.  They chanted a familiar slogan — “US Out of Afghanistan!  Can We Do It?” — bullhorn man.  “Yes we can!” — not in sync.  Generally speaking, the smaller these things, the more visible the “Zionist Control US” sign is — by dent of how few people there are here.  I believe the “Protest Warriors” — the Conservative pro-war Republicans who marches with the protesters waving sarcastic signs and chanting sarcastically, have shriveled away as well — I suppose in wait for the Romney Administration and the ensuing dying of the “Tea Party”.

The thing I wondered about with the “US Out of Afghanistan!” line — where’s Libya?  Still, even down to an upper single digit number — mildly attached the Democratic Party and not getting at one part of the Administration’s participation in war policy.



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