Something I picked up on the “Noam Chomsky” wikipedia entry

Yeah, I knew this first part ever since I heard the conspiracy theorist part of KBOO’s one year anniversary job for 9/11, the two twenty-something year old 9/11 truther researchers began by asserting full forth — “Just so we’re on the right page, the government is complicit”, calling into question the sanity and intellectual honesty of anyone not seeing it  — and then tearing apart Noam Chomsky for comments about 9/11 Truthers — “Disappointing”.

Chomsky has dismissed 9/11 conspiracy theories, stating that there is no credible evidence to support the claim that the United States Government was responsible for the attacks.
“I think the Bush administration would have had to be utterly insane to try anything like what is alleged, for their own narrow interests, and do not think that serious evidence has been provided to support claims about actions that would not only be outlandish, for their own interests, but that have no remote historical parallel.”

But this next part is interesting.

In addition, Chomsky believes the conspiracy theory movement is being fueled by the government establishment to distract the public from more pressing matters.

“People always ask, “What can I do?” And then they say, here’s something I can do. I can become a qualified civil engineer in an hour, and prove that Bush blew up the World Trade Center. I’m pretty sure that in Washington they must be clapping. A couple of years ago, I came across a Pentagon document that was about declassification procedures. Among other things, it proposed that the government should periodically declassify information about the Kennedy assassination. Let people trace whether Kennedy was killed by the mafia, so activists will go off on a wild goose chase instead of pursuing real problems or getting organized. It wouldn’t shock me if thirty years from now we discover in the declassified record that the 9/11 [conspiracy] industry was also being fed by the [Bush] administration.”[69]

You know– that’s a South Park episode!  Were Parker and Stone reading Chomsky or was Chomsky watching South Park?
which a 9/11 Truthers thought propaganda and  and “launched”.  Randi message board believed it did good.

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