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Ames, Iowa: Stupid

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Newt: “I’m not dead; I’m still here.

How can you be dead when you were never alive in the first place?

In other news, Tim Pawlenty is out.

Of course he is.  Now Liberals get to call him “the best of the lot”, projecting some of his past behavior as against the current political climate because it is now safe and he is out of the running.

The fact that the Ames straw poll has the ability to weed out and weed in candidates for coverage and traction is, of course, absurd.  We might as well cover the “buy a kernal of corn poll” for all this thing is worth.

Here are how things are playing in the Ron Paul smothering “Prison Planet” arena”:
Bachmann Rigged Iowa Poll by Buying “At Least” 4000 Votes.

THIS IS THE PROCESS OF THE THING.  You don’t “Rig” this thing — it is a craven exercise to its core.  It is wholly legitimate in the “fund raising” purpose for this “Ames, Iowa Straw Poll”.  Note, for instance, that Ron Paul, the “Second place” contestant, “bused in” his supporters — and the prisonplanet coverage doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

The new questions: will the “Tea Party Contingent” that balks and scowls madly at the claim of Ron Paul as “Grandfather of the Tea Party” firmly back up behind Bachmann now?  The other question — who will pick up Tim Pawlenty’s director?  (Maybe Gingrich?)

Michele Obama versus Marcus Bachmann

Monday, August 15th, 2011

A group of, I guess I can say, stereotypical gay teenagers is walking through Powells.  I could elaborate and describe, but it might be too embarrassing for me, I don’t know… certain things pop out of “Queer Culture”.

They pass a book either on or by Michele Obama.  “God I hate her”, and call her some name or other — might be simply “a bitch”.  It’s based on the “nanny state” idea — her anti-obesity and junk food lobbying.  The one that has it as top line headlines on Drudge when she’s seen eating a hamburger.

I muse some thing over — hypocrisy over government nudgings, and given this group — The First Spouse of President Michele Bachmann will outdo First Lady Michele Obama on more serious grounds, won’t he?  (Not that Bachmann  is going to be President, but she’ll likely come in second against Romney.)

Top 5 Larouche News Stories of the Week and thereabouts

Saturday, August 13th, 2011


This is curious and notable, from outside the political / spiritual rally held with Texas Governor Rick Perry.

On the corner farthest from the stadium the Lyndon LaRouche supporters and their Obama-as-Hitler poster remained largely unengaged from the other assembled rabble. One of the LaRouche supporters, who refused to be identified, said that the group was there because “it’s all the same thing, Obama, Perry, they’re all trying to take over and take away your decisions.” He added, “We have to stand up to politicians who lie to us, one’s a Muslim, the other’s a Baptist, but that won’t matter when the jackboot comes down. … The fight between the Democrats and Republicans is just a distraction from the real fight against the government taking over our lives.”

I don’t know where this comes from.  It is either camouflaging with the worst of the political Demagoguery around them at the time — the Phelpses are right around the corner at this scene.   Or it’s somehow legitimately held by this man.  Anonymous man.  I suppose either low enough in the Larouche Deployment Food Chain to be anonymous, or deployed as anonymous so as to be able to say Obama is a Muslim.

I picked up, for pocket change, a copy of the Garry Allen 1976 “expose” on Henry Kissinger, a figure of vast disfavor.  This one relied heavily on the John Birch Society’s “American Opinion”.  It striked me that this would have been picked up at certain Liberty Lobby conferences alongside — well, Henry Kissinger and the Politics of Faggotry was never published for general consumption, so we’re down to these.

Meantime, curiously enough, this 9/11 Truth “anti-Zionist” website with domain “Muslim in Suffer”  is packed with Larouche material.  (More 9/11 Truther: ” Tulsa Change” 9/11 Truth site posts new EIR piece that brings up Smedley Butler’s accusation of Fascist Courp in the FDR-era as precursor to what Obama just pulled off.)


The Justice for John Wiley Price Committee will hold an informational meeting for persons interested in volunteering.  A special presentation will be given by an historian who has chronicled the continuing illegal actions of the FBI and other government agencies in the targeting of African-American elected officials.
This FBI policy was named  “Operation Fruhmenschen” by director J. Edgar Hoover and continues to this day.  Mr. Schlanger  has worked with others, including former

Oddly enough, no mention of Lyndon Larouche.

Not all that much on his current controversy at wikipedia:

Price is currently being investigated by the FBI. [8]
“The search warrants served on Commissioner Price’s home and office, as well as his two associates, indicate the FBI is looking for evidence of tax evasion, bribery, money laundering, fraud and more.” [9]

This should end up being marshalled into the Kesha Rogers for Congress campaign, I imagine.
But I can’t find a Larouche representative’s name off of this list of the broader “Hands Off; Bold Black Leadership Rally“.


You know where you go for “Urgent News”?  To the Comments section of the website “Patriot Update”.

Kentucky State Sen Joins LaRouche in call for Impeachment

The reaction at “Patriot Update is swift:  On impeachment of Obama— sounds like the birth certificate news could do that.  However, then you would have BIDEN for President—-more of an idiot that Obama.
I am not entirely sure what the “birth certificate news” is, but I’m sure there’s a certain amount of “whatever works” going on here.  (See too:
Obama is just a simple thug, a habitual offender taken care of all his life.  His crimes are significant–identity theft, forgeries, multiple aliases, real estate fraud, murder, habitual lying…and now add espionage, impersonation of a federal official, war crimes, money laundering, theft, extortion,  and bribery.
If this kind of person is what the New World Order and the incestuous Rockefeller/Rothschild boys and girls believe constitutes ‘leadership’, then you know in your heart that this is pure evil stalking this world. What say you, all 2012 Presidential candidates?  Are you as criminal and malleable as Obama?  What is your reason for running?  Who are your backers?)

August 9, 2011 • 11:20AM
In a statement issued today, Kentucky State Senator Perry B. Clark (D-District 37) called upon President Obama to step down, and Congress to pass Glass-Steagall legislation. The full statement reads as follows:

LaRouche is absolutely right, he has a track record of being right for many, many years,” Clark said.
“He’s been shut down by the mainstream because he’s too much of a threat to the international financiers, he’s challenging the system too much, and they’re afraid of him.”
State Senate Democratic leadership has not yet returned a call asking for comment, but Clark says he is not concerned about any criticism they might have of the letter

Look in the comments section.  Carol Johnson Smith!.  She ran for a state legislator seat in Indiana and picked up 8 percent in a Democratic Primary.  I have an idea!  Perry B Clark, as the highest elected Larouchie in this nation, should be their candidate for President in 2012.  And Carol Smith can run for Perry Clark’s seat!  Or, maybe she can run for the Kentucky legislator and start a “Larouche bloc” in the Kentucky state Senate.

And so Clark gets called a “Tea Partier”.  And the state Democratic Party hems and haws, as they have before with Clark’s Larouchism:

The wild comparison and controversial comments present more than a usual gaffe for party officials to clean up, however. Besides being a prominent state Senator in the General Assembly, Clark is a legislative chairman for the Jefferson County Democratic Party and the group’s by-laws mandate those chairs pledge to support the party nominee.
“I’ m surprised and shocked at Perry Clark. Surprised and shocked. I didn’t know that he was that type of person,” says political activist Clarence Yancey, who serves as the party’s 43rd legislative district chair. “I didn’t want to believe it, but he should step down if he’s against the party and the party rules.”
Yancey says it’s up to Clark’s constituents if he should relinquish his Senate seat, but he did add that Clark should switch to LaRouche’s political party.

“Switch to Larouche’s political party”.  Ha ha ha.

“All right, we’re now faced, as many of you suspect or know, we’re now faced with the greatest crisis in the history of modern man. There’s nothing comparable to it, to what we face now. There are solutions, but the question is will the solutions be tolerated, or accepted?

Just to be sure what Parry is suggesting to put in motion.
Within hours of President Obama’s removal from office– through impeachment, or resignation, or through the invoking of the 25th Amendment, Section 4, providing procedures for a President’s removal from office if he is no longer mentally or physically competent to serve–the Congress could convene to pass legislation reinstating the Glass-Steagall separation of commercial banks from the brokerage and insurance sectors. A minimum of $17 trillion in Wall Street gambling debts, foisted on American taxpayers, would be thus charged back.”
This pre-supposes giant leaps at a few junctures.  One — if you want Obama’s low approval ratings to sky-rocket, just have the Republican Congress come out for Obama’s Impeachment off of a preposition that he is insane.  Two — Supposing he is removed, this would translate to Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Reid shephearding through the reinstatement of Glass Steagall for the signature of President Biden — somehow Obama is the big implement in this and not, for instance, the Financial Service Industry’s donation to a multitude of political figures — the same funding that had its removal passed by huge Congressional majorities and signed by President Clinton?  Three — the enactment of Glass Stagall will remove $17 Trillion off the national debt — how?  Magic?

During the annual Fancy Farm picnic last week, observers noted Republican statewide candidates hammered Mr. Obama repeatedly, but that no Democratic candidates came to his defense publicly. And some Democrats are seeing that silence bleed over into the city.
“It is vexing to me to no end that Democrats in this state have not and do not stand up on behalf of this president,” says state Rep. Reginald Meeks, D-Louisville, adding he read Clark’s letter and disagrees with all of his statement. “President Obama and his administration have been responsible for millions of federal dollars coming into our state to help on everything from natural disaster to health care. And this party has not gone out of its way to share with the public what benefits this administration has brought to the commonwealth.”

‘Tis the state Obama lost to Hillary Clinton in the late primaries by 40 point margins, and along with West Virginia poll respondents bluntly said it was about race.  Meantime:
Just imagine what dispirited and disappointed Leftists might do when faced with a primary ballot with Barack Obama and Lyndon LaRouche, that 60′s radical who is trying unseat Harold Stassen as having been on the most Presidential primary ballots ?
Not running.  And they’re not taking me up my idea of Sidney Hill or Perry Clark.

More in audio here, I assume.

Asked about possible censure, Democratic caucus leaders said they have discussed the remarks amongst themselves, but won’t disclose what disciplinary action—if any—will be taken against the state lawmaker. […]
Other elected officials have suggested an ethics inquiry due to Clark using official state letterhead in his remarks and some local party leaders have called for Clark to step down as a legislative chair in the Jefferson County Democratic Party.

Curiously:  Asked about whether he agrees with LaRouche on issues outside of economic policies, Clark would not comment. When pressed specifically on if the 9/11 terror attacks were committed by agents within the federal government, he gave a coded answer.
“I think anybody who thinks we have the whole story on 9/11 is sadly mistaken,” says Clark.
“The message got lost and they attacked the messenger. That is what’s going on. That’s what always happens with little people and little minds. No one has addressed Glass-Steagall. No one has addressed the lack of leadership from the very top to take on these financiers, who I think are wrecking the place,” he says.
Okay.  But there’s a bit of a messaging problem here.

Denying that he compared Mr. Obama to Hitler, Clark says his comments were intentionally provocative in order to bring attention to the country’s economic crisis and the lax regulation of the U.S. banking system.
I did that purposefully to upset people. I wanted them angry, I wanted them thinking, I meant for it to be brash and I meant for it to be incendiary,” he says. ” People have to think about where we are.”
Contradiction there in his thought process.


I guess we can say that the wikipedia list of grievances was resolved for the problem of simple name citation.  But then we run into some ground where things fall apart at:

3. It means that either Frankhouser was infiltrating the group as a government spy, or that he was approaching the group under false pretenses. The way the article is written now implies that he was a leading member of the group, which in turn implies guilt by association. I mean by that that the reader is supposed to think that LaRouche is somehow mixed up with the right-wing groups that Frankhouser was mixed up in. Another point: the article says “LaRouche established ties with the Ku Klux Klan and the Liberty Lobby in 1974.” What are “ties”? It looks like it is written deliberately vague so that the reader will think LaRouche somehow supported those groups.

I scratch my head at that last one.
t looks like it is written deliberately vague so that the reader will think LaRouche somehow supported those groups.
I suppose if we get Frankhouser out of the equation, we’ve nothing with the KKK.  The Liberty Lobby becomes more comical — is a statement in a book by Larouche that pegs Liberty Lobby members as True Patriots “support”?  This reminds me of reading a Larouche commenter charging against someone demanding a reference for Larouche’s Communist Background — is there a reset button for the organization’s history?

I imagine the Larouche Wikipedia Team’s response to this:
3) There’s no indication that Frankhouser connected with LaRouche in order to spy on him. On the contrary, it appears that LaRouche initiated the contact. It is certainly true that Frankhouser and his associates acted under false pretenses, but that was for personal gain. I think the article used to say more about that but it was probably cut somewhere along the way for space and relevancy reasons. It’s covered fully in Roy Frankhouser and LaRouche criminal trials. However adding more information on that topic could be construed as depicting LaRouche as a dupe who was fooled by someone who stroked his ego. Is that really a helpful direction for this bio?
AND This:
6) Bevel did different things at different times of his life. As a compromise I suppose we could add that he was a former civil rights leader who was currently engaged in incest with his underaged daughters. But I don’t think that’d be a net benefit to the article.
— That last one I have to repoint to my point from the last post: “Good lord that’s a convenient rounding job!” up to 20 years’ distance away from the trial.

TO THE ARBITRATION ROOM for arbitrary jury shopping.
The “Piven material” may be a case of “present-ism” — recent controversy involving Glenn Beck, some historical background of how the Larouchies handled Piven is good to know.  But in a long history of 40 years, we do have the difficulty of deciding what is relevant and whatnot.  I suppose the Larouchies would remove the whole topic tree and replace it with:
Larouche is the bravest smartest human alive today.  Wikipedia is a bunch of horse shit.
I assumed that that was from a good old fashioned prankster and not the Larouche Wikipedia Team, but I see the wikipedia demeaning happen in the “Perry Clark” story — and it’s fairly similar, so who knows?

The Wikipedia Problem:  I got news for ya. . . everyone need not have a voice or be heard. We don’t have time to pander to every fucking whack job with some Lyndon LaRouche grade agenda. The lunatic fringe would still be on the fringe if it hadn’t been for all that ‘touchy-feeley’ ‘feel good about yourself” kumbaya singing bullshit that today’s pop psychology and “equal time.” promoting politically correct social dictators want to shove down our throats.

This is kind of funny in its “diverting the facts” kind of way:

Here’s some evidence to refute your claim.  … LaRouche noted that the opportunity for Hillary Clinton to push through this useful tactical

Lyndon LaRouche? Gee, what does Alex Jones have to say about all this?

His site begs to differ:  Hillary and Obama’s attendance of the 2008 Bilderberg meeting, and the complete failure of the mainstream media to report on the fact, once again betrays the super-secretive nature and influential reputation that the 54-year-old organization still maintains.
No, Alex Jones does not like Hillary Clinton.

STORY NUMBER FIVETHE PO TOUR, and I’ll Call it the Virtual PO TOUR

Virtual PO Tour ACTIVISM.

Go to the Gold Bugs!  Get Crickets.

This whole system is in its last breaths and right now instead of waiting around for doom and gloom and stocking up on canned food and silver bullion, devote your energy to fighting for the solutions! Your physical existence means nothing if you did not leave something behind for the next generation, and the thing that will define this species is how we respond to this crisis. First thing we must do is remove Obama NOW! His allegiance is not with the United States, he is working on behalf of a foreign enemy. Once we do that we can restore Glass-Steagall (H.R. 1489) and start rebuilding and putting America to work in some of the largest re-industrialization works ever before imagined! This is Lyndon LaRouche’s Plan and I trust that his leadership is all that exists to get us out of this mess as his forecasting has been spot-on for decades strong. Him and the Larouche PAC are ready to move, join them and fight for this Republic.

here is a link to a call by Lyndon LaRouche, Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Jacque Cheminade on the current crisis and its remedies!


Question by bubblegum: Where/How to learn about politics?
I don’t want to just turn on the tv and start from no where, I want to know what’s been going on up until now-everything about politics,what’s a good place to start?I’m not planning on learning about politics from yahoo answers but I need to know where to get started because my parents don’t follow politics or I’d ask them so I need names of books or something.By the way,I’m 15 if that helps.

The Deprogramer Says:
August 6th, 2011 at 11:08 pm The LaRouche Political Action Committee


Dateline New Jersey — On Obama — Hitler signs, which floated at Teacher Union rallies in New Jersey:  “which is, of course, despicable“.

Dateline Fairfax: They were in Fairfax on Friday. Rather than get angry, I feel it is best to make hate-mongers look silly. So I went out on the sidewalk with my own table, pushed up against them (so I looked like one of them), and gave away Kool-Aid, offering it to folks to “further hatred and intolerance in our small town.” 🙂
The best thing about what Jory did is it made them leave! They could not take it. What ever their agenda, it makes no sense to have that hateful poster. In fact, if you ask them why they put a Hitler mustache on Obama, they wont explain it. I believe their posters express their hatred on both Jews and African- Americans.

Dateline HoldenHolden has a sidewalk ordinance that clearly states that no political sign can be within two feet of a sidewalk. I called the police to see if they were aware of the booth and they said they had already been by and determined they were not blocking the sidewalk so they would allow it. OK, I guess this falls under police discretion and the police should be able to use their best judgement. I wrote one of the select board to bring it to their attention. Next I thought I would check out the legality of political actions on federal property (the post office) because a friend, accused of electioneering on federal property, was asked to stop by police. This was because she was to some folks while in line about her candidacy for the select board in that town.

Well, it turns out you can’t be for or against a particular candidate on federal property, but you can be for or against issues. The Larouche kool-aid drinkers (and pictured as the ass clowns they are) were collecting signatures on a petition to invoke the 25th amendment (article 4) to remove Obama because he is “incapacitated.” This is their “issue.” They don’t like Obama, they like Larouche (his name was on everything) but they talked anti-healthcare and impeachment so this skirts the federal rules on electioneering.

Dateline Oakland:  Once they had assured Cornell that she was still living in August 2011, the Oakland Press did what responsible news organizations should do—they wrote a story about two flunkies in the fringiest of fringe groups and their obnoxious sign.
President Obama, of course, is a grown-up who probably won’t lose sleep over being compared to Hitler by these guys. After all, LaRouche is the same crank who believes Queen Elizabeth “invented” the Beatles in a secret lab to help solidify her control of the global drug trade. He also believes the World Wildlife Fund and the ghost of H.G. Well are behind the military-industrial complex’s “Satanist conspiracy” for never-ending war. Being called names by Lyndon LaRouche and his flunkies is badge of honor, really.
This “oh no some weirdos are still using an outdated Obama meme” story is part of an ignoble line of awesome crowd-sourced stories from the Oakland Press.
Ted Sakona.

Dateline Farmington, Michigan
Two men who said they were from LaRouche PAC turned heads in front of Riley Park Tuesday morning, with a display that included a sign urging citizens to “Dump Obama.”

Both men refused to reveal their names and would not say whether they lived in the community. One of the men recommended going to for more information. The other said they weren’t allowed to give interviews to reporters, but said they had been on the street all morning and had engaged a number of passersby in conversation.

While he was speaking, a passing motorist honked and gave the men a “thumbs up” sign.

Dateline San Anselmo:

A disturbance occurred in San Anselmo on Saturday surrounding some political signs and left people wondering what was that all about?

According to Det. Cpl. Julie Gorwood, the LaRouche Political Action Committee set up a table on San Anselmo Avenue, near the Wells Fargo. The group has previously tabled outside the Bank of America in Fairfax.

A number of residents called the police about the inflammatory messages of the group, including a poster of Obama with a Hitler mustache.

At 12:55 p.m., a cyclist riding by the set-up on San Anselmo Avenue tore down the posters and challenged one of the protestors to a fight. At 3:06 p.m., one of the members of the group asked the San Anselmo Police for assistance breaking up a heated debate.

And from 23 months ago:


Larouchies are seriously disturbed people. I refuse to talk to them. I walk by them and they start running down the street after me calling me a drug dealer. It’s good they haven’t gotten too close because my discipline only goes so far. I have never actually kicked someone in the mouth but it would be interesting to see how good my training has been.

 This week’s assortment of people compared to larouche.

Ask about Larouche, get snipped away and taken back to Ayn Rand.

Mike Gravel.

Random Washington Senate candidate:  Usually when you hear about a slightly wacky person running for office who is also gung-ho for space, they end up being LaRouchies. I guess he’s more of an independent thinker.

Lew Rockwell:

I’ve been with this whole libertarian gig for about 15 years and I still don’t know what a Lew Rockwell is.
It’s either a gay movie star from the 50s or a sort of rash that pops up around the fringes of any legitimate libertarian discussion a few pussy hairs away from LaRouche.
Why can’t it be both?

Initials are RP:
5) a dyed in the wool libertarian who has about as much chance of winning as had Lyndon Larouche the umpteen times he ran.
We’ve seen this behavior before.”  Is Paul the Right’s Lyndon LaRouche? Nope.  You proved it right here.  He rambles, sometimes slipping into incoherence… This implies that Ron Paul is coherent at least some of the time.  I am not aware of anyone having ever accused LaRouche of being coherent.  Me and my brother pwned some LaRouchians when they were passing out flyers outside of Starbucks. They’re so fucking stupid.   If you know who Lyndon LaRouche is, you need to get out more.  As for Lyndon LaRouche, I’ve never understood why he was able to generate any following, but I’ve always felt that it was a really cool name! Like a stage name or one that would be made up for a movie, e.g., Lash LaRue, Snidely Whiplash, Headly LaMarr.

While one has to admit that this fraud is quite clever, anyone with half a brain and any experience with the way those in the progressive movement talk and think would know that this is a fraud; or else something written by Lyndon LaRouche or Gus Hall back in the day.  But the J14 movement?  Not a chance.  I’d say that not even Hadash would use such rhetoric.

 When I was young, the Republicans were the stodgy party. Sensible, responsible, conservative… too conservative for my tastes, but decidedly not loony (well, except for Lyndon Larouche). But over the years, they’ve drifted farther and farther into loony land — a land that was once the sole dominion of the left.

True to its Klu Klux Klan roots, the Democrat Party, Nanacy Pelosi, and Lyndon LaRouche are still using racism to advance their power.


US Biggest Loser in Bahrain Uprising  Steinberg on Press TV
Lawrence Freeman on Press TV:  West to Blame for African Famine

Wait.  I think I know the angle to get onto Iran’s Press TV.

GOP Race to the White House — the 14 selling corn

Friday, August 12th, 2011

There is a frightening item about the Republican Iowa Primary debate.  Newt Gingrich seems to have been the only debate participant to bring up Ronald Reagan.  If in the past, that is to say 2008, one gets queasy with the bringing up of Reagan, now we’re stuck at a “If not Reagan — what?” question.  (I don’t know.  There is some standard operating procedure with this — UN then not… why, in what essentially a vanity campaign, would he do that?)

Absent everything, Thaddeus McCotter, Buddy Roemer, and Gary Johnson* all have youtube answers to all of the questions.  Maybe they will gratuitously mention Reagan.

Perhaps the most visible candidate on the debate sidelines is Fred Karger, a Republican political consultant who has never been allowed to debate and has not garnered a large following for the presidential campaign he’s mounting.

Karger will be in Iowa on Thursday night, he told POLITICO, and is looking for tickets to attend the debate himself.

“I’ll hopefully watch it, and do the spin room and blog for the Huffington Post,” said Karger, who blogged for the liberal news website during the past two debates.

Karger is also looking to boost his write-in performance by passing out postcards that include a photo of him standing with President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan. He worked in the Reagan White House in the early 1980s, which he’s now trying to draw attention to in the hope that it will jump-start his fledgling campaign.

“Of all the candidates running, I have the closest tie to him,” Karger said. “That is something that in Iowa, and of course the Republican caucuses, is a great asset. I have the kind of optimism that hasn’t come out in other candidates.”

Yeah, but that’s just to needle everyone else.
Right after I took the photo, a woman voted for Thad McCotter, making Buddy Roemer the only candidate with no corn kernel votes. She refused to say why she’d made that choice.
Here’s Thaddeus McCotter, in case you’re curious.
“As you know, many people like to pretend there is a divide between economic conservatism and social conservatism,” McCotter said while standing beside theValues Voter Bus in Sioux City.
“We understand that we can only have a prosperous economy if we have a virtuous citizenry.
The Values Bus Tour is being organized by the National Organization for Marriage, the Susan B. Anthony List and Family Research Council Action’s Faith Family Freedom Fund. […]
Specifically the groups have rallied against legalized abortion and civil marriage for gays and lesbians, subjects that remained on the fringes of McCotter’s speech.

Just as well.  Somewhere off in a special type of Hell, or Texas, Rick Perry ushered the hordes of Crazy Rapturists in a “Response” — a response to the current budget and economic problems of the day.  If this is the response to the problems of the day from a Rick Perry administration, we may be more screwed than I had previously thought.
Stephen Colbert, having established a legally legitimate Super Pac, ran two ads picking at Rick Perry’s write-in campaign at the Ames Straw Poll — write in “Rick Parry”.  Brilliant, in the sense that Rick Perry’s (bussed in?) vote and Stephen Colbert’s audience does not much overlap, but that Rick Perry’s name will be mis-spelled here and there.

A good sign of the perpetual silly season that follows our perpetual Election cycle, it is reported by various anonymous sources that the Obama Administration is studying Bush’s 2004 campaign, and is preparing a campaign against Mitt Romney where they will be tagging Romney as a flip-flopper, inauthentic, and running against his record as a business-man.  All of this falls under the headline “Obama Plan:  Destroy Romney”.  I don’t suppose Romney is going to make plans to destroy Obama, politically speaking?  The one item picked up on in the silly season article — is Romney being called “weird” code for “Mormon”?  I have no idea.  It is, I guess, the one sensationalist item that Romney might tag in his press release — outraged as he is that Obama plans to run against him in manners candidates run against other candidates.
like airing the quote about corporations being people over and over again.   (Unless that hurts Obama’s corporate benefactors???)

Breaking news:  Jeb Bush, Jr. endorsed Jon Huntsman, Jr..

Bush, 28, who backed former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008, said the former U.S. ambassador to China is the “only candidate with a proven record of creating jobs, in business and as governor.”
Some in the Huntsman campaign hyped an endorsement expected this week, leading some to speculate the announcement would come from the elder Jeb Bush.
Huntsman jumped into the race in June and has since registered in the low single digits in most polls of Republican presidential candidates. But Bush said the figures will change when more Americans become familiar with his record.
“Two years ago, I jumped on board Marco Rubio’s campaign when he was polling at 3 percent, and we made history,” Bush said referencing the freshman Florida senator. “With Jon, I can’t wait to make history again.”

No.  Jeb Bush, Jr!  Really!
I… got nothing.

Tim Pawlenty — what Tim Pawlenty has to do to “win” the Ames contest — according to George Will — er???  Get enough corn bread to convince 4,000 people to vote for  him?  I… got nothing.

Oooo… Michelle Bachmann versus Tim Pawlenty!  Oooo

“Governor, when you were governor in Minnesota, you implemented cap and trade in our state, and you praised the unconstitutional individual mandate, and you called for requiring all people in our state to purchase health insurance,” she said. She also dinged him for saying in 2006 that “the era of small government is over.”
“That sounds a lot more like Barack Obama if you ask me,” she said as Pawlenty shook his head.
The two went back and forth for a few more minutes, with Bachmann lauding her own record of fighting Democratic proposals, such as President Obama’s health care overhaul as well as cap and trade legislation. But Pawlenty, growing more animated, said that she had failed to stop the health care bill, as well as increases in spending and the 2008 bailout of Wall Street banks, which was actually implemented under Republican President George W. Bush.
“She said she’s got a titanium spine. It’s not your spine we’re worried about, it’s your record of results,” Pawlenty said. “If that’s your view of effective results and leadership, then please stop because you’re killing us.”
The two sparred again minutes later over a cigarette tax passed in 2005 that Bachmann voted in favor of and Pawlenty signed. Bachmann said she voted for it only because it was attached to an anti-abortion measure. She accused Pawlenty of cutting deals with special interests, while Pawlenty said her statements were “illogical.”
The consensus afterward among the pundits and campaign operatives was that Bachmann came out on top, in part because her response was so strong and in part because Pawlenty came across as too negative. Kent Sorensen, a Republican state legislator who is supporting Bachmann, certainly felt that way.
“She exposed [Pawlenty] for the phony that he is,” Sorensen said. “He came out with the first punch and she came back with a roundhouse.”

Worth looking at with Pawlenty

The question to ask about Herman Cain: did he steal a line from Pokemon?

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum in a reprise of Ron Paul and Rudy Giuliani.

*Gary Johnson — sensible solutions to some problems, where the mainline governors (re: Perry) are having to haw back from their previous “can’t really shoot the Mexicans down or build giant fences” stances.

I don’t know to make of this letter about Roy Moore.  But his two stories he gets mentions for — the cause he is most associated with, having giant columns of Biblical rulings in backwater courthouses, continues alongside his son’s DUI charge.

Gravel for President — sure, why not?

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Who will Ralph Nader find?

“What [Obama] did this week is just going to energize that effort,” Nader promised in an interview with The Daily Caller. “I would guess that the chances of there being a challenge to Obama in the primary are almost 100 percent.”

The only question, he said, is the stature of that opponent and whether it will be either “an ex-senator or an ex-governor” or “an intellectual leader or an environmental leader.”

In approximately a week and a half there will be “another chapter of this effort,” Nader predicted.

This was from a week ago.  We have half a week to go to discover the exciting “another chapter”.  Unless.
First we start with the problem:
But a new poll shows that this is not something the Democratic base is particularly interested in. In December 1994, two-thirds of Democrats wanted to see a primary challenge mounted against Bill Clinton. In November 2010, 38 percent of Democrats wanted to see a primary challenge mounted again Obama, and that’s since fallen to 32 percent.
That’s a hefty percentage, in theory, but somehow doesn’t really translate into anything real.  In this hullabalo, it is lost that Obama does have a Primary Challenger — Randall Terry, who is running radio ads in Idaho and Iowa.  It’s a “using the presidential campaign as a platform” deal, but so would a Nader-led “ex Senator ex Governor Intellectual Leader Environmental Leader” campaign.  (Wait.  Why isn’t Nader searching for a “Super Rich” guy, ala his book “Only the Super-rich Can Save Us”?)
Does he count?
Stepping right up to the starting gate is one of those candidates – former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel.
Gravel said that if $1 million is promised to his campaign, then he is in as a candidate.
 Well, he’s made a lot of amusing youtube videos.  In 2008, he was eventually slid out of his smattering of media coverage — today we can find him on Iranian Press TV — which, I suppose, he will end up again in his 2012 campaign.

Mike Gravel 2012 — sure why not?

Wheat News

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

The following are thirteen months’ worth of front page headlines for the Commercial Review — “Serving the Pacific Slope Grain, Feed and Seed Industries”, an 8 page sheet “established in 1890” “published 3 times a year”.  I do not quite know what this information relays to the wheat producer — nor do I know if the end trailing regarding the sale of soybeans is good news or bad news.

12/19/06  Japan, Egypt, Taiwan Buy Northwest Wheat
12/12/06  Wheat Quotes Drop As Futures Decline Sharply
12/05/06  Japan and Taiwan Buy Pacific Northwest Wheat
11/28/06  Pacific Northwest Wheat Sales Improve
11/14/06  No Northwest Wheat Sales Recorded Last Week
11/07/06  Egypt Continues to Buy Area White Wheat
10/24/06  Egypt, Japan, and South Korea Buy Area Wheat
10/17/06  Short World Wheat Supply Pushes Quotes Up
10/10/06  Positive News Pushes Expert Wheat Quotes Up
9/26/06  Japan and Taiwan Buy Northwest Wheat
9/19/06  Northwest Export Wheat Market Quotes Lower
9/12/06  Good Export Demand Supports Wheat Market
8/22/06 Egypt Only Northwest Wheat Buyer Last Week
8/15/06  CCC Buys Wheat For Auction to Four Nations
8/08/06  Four Nations Make Northwest Wheat Purchases
7/25/06  Egypt Makes Western White Wheat Purchase
7/18/06  Nigeria is Number One US Wheat Buyer
7/11/06  Japan and Taiwan Buy Pacific Northwest Wheat
6/27/06  Egypt Buys pacific Northwest Soft White Wheat
6/20/06  Three Nations Buy Pacific Northwest Wheat
6/06/06  South Korea, Taiwan Northwest Wheat Buyers
5/30/06  Japan and South Korea Buy Northwest Wheat
5/16/06 Japan, Commodity Credit Buy Northwest Wheat
5/02/06  Sales Set to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Egypt
4/18/06  Markets Improve With Sales to Japan, Taiwan”
4/11/06  No Northwest Wheat Sales Made Last Week
4/04/06  South Korea Only Wheat Buyer For Two Weeks
3/21/06  South Korea Makes Large Wheat Purchase
3/14/06  CCC Buys Wheat and Corn For Donations
3/07/06  Japan Only Export Wheat Buyer in Two Weeks
2/21/06  Good Export Volume Pushes Wheat Quotes Up
2/14/06  Active Trading Helps Move Wheat Quotes Up
2/07/06  Japan and South Korea Continue to Buy Wheat
1/31/06  Japan, South Korea, Taiwan Buy Area Wheat
1/17/06  Quotes Lower As New Export Sales Are Limited
1/03/06  Clinic Makes Large Soybean Purchase
12/20/05  Japan Only Northwest Wheat Buyer Last Week
12/13/05  Egypt, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan Buy Wheat
12/06/06  Taiwan Buys Corn and Soybeans — No Wheat

Perhaps the Stupidest Thing President Barack Hussein Obama has Ever Said.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

“No matter what some agency may say about our credit, we always have been and always will be a Triple A country.”

Hm.  Well that’s just Super.

Yeah, well, it does get stupider lower down the rung from the President.

When one attendee suggested that the House push for impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama to obstruct the president from pushing his agenda, Burgess was receptive.

“It needs to happen, and I agree with you it would tie things up,”  [U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Lewisville] said. “No question about that.”

This is pandering to a narrow set of his voters, upset for his debt ceiling vote, and following up by exasperating the reason S and P gave for the downgrade.

Meanwhile, in Limbaugh — Land… Re-boosting Bush, who he supposedly dumped right after the 2006 elections?

 “I will tell you ladies and gentlemen, I detest and despise everything the left stands for. How anybody can endorse and embrace an ideology that has killed a billion people in the last century is beyond me,” said Tea Party Nation CEO Judson Phillips.
The ideology that killed a billion people apparently is that same ideology that furthers voters rights beyond Property Owners.

Back to Obama’s “Triple A Country” comment — after looking around Congressman Burgess, Radio Blabber Limbaugh, and Tea Party Nation CEO Judson Phillips — hm.  I gather that’s evidence of him being wrong, I suppose.

tech stocks takes a hit

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Smug looking Yuppie looking man on phone:  “I’ll have to reach back and get him.  He was the co-CEO of myspace.  Though, I haven’t seen him in a couple of years.”

I’m happy to say the thought popped in my mind then and not later — though, I naturally didn’t say it out loud: “Maybe you can catch up with him on facebook!”