Today in impulse mags, the olde parlor game up to date

An impulse buy directed magazine on “ranking the presidents” shows on the front a bunch of them — including Obama and Trump. Curious to see what fluffery they have on Trump, and sp I open…

I can’t immediately tell anything — I grasp that the magazine will feature with the most prominence the supposed greats — the Mt Rushmore Mafia, if you will, and a few others tagging about –, will do a smaller bit on the lowest, and some perfunctory on the rest. The still living Presidents will get a “Have to wait for History:s Judgement” line. Too many partisans of each of them.

Commiserate with that is the rather odd pull quote for Yrump. A line of platitude any of the others coulda said.

Off on the same shelf the supermarket has stocked the impulse buy magazine commemorating The West Wing. Probably a seasonal idea, Seinfeld and Friends was just done and moving to election time — there is this for weary liberals who don’t want to see forced neutrality on Trump.

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