Lieberman farting?


Many took former Barack Obama’s endorsement of Warnock as a not-so-subtle nod for Lieberman to drop out. (fun fact: Joe, Matt’s dad, made sure to fart in Obama’s face during the healthcare debate that almost threatened to derail it.)

When I saw this, I was excited, and curious, and a little puzzled. I would have thought that I would remember Joseph Biden farting at Barack Obama. So, I go to the link to see this incident. No farting mentipned. A google search of Lieberman and fart, likewise, shows nothing as well.

Joseph. Lieberman . Never. Farted. At. Barack. Obama.

The news story is using a colloqualism. It could say simply, flatly, more simply and stately and journalistically, that there was at times a strained relationship with Obama and Lieberman — see, for instance, Lieberman speaking at the Republican convention on behalf of John McCain when he was running against him — which followed through at policy battles during his administration.

But instead what I see here is “fart”. WHY???

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