Break the narrative

So… Is Trump’s covid-19 case a positive or a negative for his re-election chances?

A… Positive… I guess. Or. Nothing much. It splatters some empathy for the guy — as evidenced by Biden folding his negative ads.

I heard it articulated by a conspiracy-minded talk radio show, but it followed my thought on what this 538 is missing. You craft the narrative. “Hero’s Journey”. THis is the part where the battered protagonist rejuvenates and or finds wisdom in the cave.

I see a Trump ad at youtube (paid content). The title refers to Trump as a “warrior” the clip simply being his comments on his positive testing. The idea now is that “a real warrior is battling within” — I believe expressed by the Star Trek Klingon character Worf.

The one problem with this comes in Trump’s need for surrounding himself with his teeming masses. So he rides off and waves from a car, disrupting this “covid 19 quarantine as reset” narrative.

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