Precedents are out there

If this were a dictatorship things would be easier. So long as I’m dictaor.

George W Bush said that, probably not intentionally but nonetheless mimicking Jimmy Carter. I think Clinton said as much, with Obama by-passing it by merely slipping into the gaffe of conflating Star Wars and Star Trek to get at the same point.

Today, The National Review explains away Trump jabbing into transfers of power, not likely in a way they would if a Democratic President said the same thing, and ignoring the context of Hillary Clinton’s “we have a heavy mail in election so results coming in could be wonky” advice to Biden.
The Washington Monthly is on alert, advising contingencies which will surely leave the George Soros behind every rock conspiratorialists calmed. Interestingly, five thirty eoght was on this beat already.

Funny thing, though. There was enough left wing conspiracy murmuring of Bush (the second) not leaving office that one of the major conservative sites jumped in with a January 2009 editorial asking why the left isn’t giving Bush credit for duly leaving. Maybe everyone can take Trump’s vagaries here as setting a low bar for accomplishment and legacy building.

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