Looking at cultural political views in the comments section of Drehrer, if not really bothering with Drehrer.

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Cuba’s racial history.

It might be interesting to figure out what slice of the electorate chose Trump over Hillary as the anti-war candidate. Despite any and everything else. Hints come in the third party break-down– Stein’s “if I hadta I would choose Trump” percentage is tge same as Johnson’s.

The Reaganomics leads to wokeonomics line, and the curious question of whether we are further left or right.

making sense for praising as cultural literature some raunchy rap

The grand conspiracy behind the these issues.

Sure, I want everything to be reviewed against Plato’s dictums.

why black youth today are turning to lesbianism

Planet of the Apes as the future

deliberating the “mistress of Willie Brown” as meaningful or meaningless.

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