The spectre of authoritarian Trumpist leftists and vnot quite never Trump Republicans

Make sense of this if you can.
While a few leftists on twitter were foolishly convinced that Trump was dominating the debate–thus betraying both a lack of familiarity with the concerns of undecided voters and their own strange fetish for authoritarian personalities–the vast majority of the actuaal

I suppose it is good that they fall away from the problems of twitter, and knowing the line “twotter is not real life”, but it does come at you that the “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Duce” line will not be tolerated. Or the concept of Trump feigning to do any politicking of flanking in ironic ways to the left (what’s his foreign policy? What was Biden — the author of the Crime Bill?)
Actually the dilemma of a two party system rears its head. Can’t provide succor to Trump with any quarter-back handed praises or anything that drops from the line of approved croticism, and need to holdback on anything against Biden or Harris. It shows authoritarian tendencies on some unnamed twitter leftists!

This though… is a frequent complaint on non Trumpp Tepublicans.

The GOP has been here before with John Birchers and it didn’t end well,” said Ben Sasse, the Nebraska senator who has been a vocal if terribly inconsistent Trump critic.

Vocal if inconsistent.
The terms of a “Resistance” was dropped on that flier you can find in front of half of all retail businesses in “blue cities”. “In My America”, etc. etc. So, when you stated Trump is tempermentally unsuited for the Presidency, and a host of issues before the elections, and the issues on that sign “I Can’t Believe I’m Still having to Protest this”, include “this”es they would be fatigued by protesting away if you were in charge…
Consistency to a what?
Actually the route of Ben Sasse has made sense: he seems steered away from the current melee to confront, for example, issues at vortex of tech and personal liberties.

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