the dreary gun issue

Skipping around the NY Times articles.  The least conspiratorial claim, or most atonal of points… made in the vast land of conspiracy to protect the NRA’s claim on the Second Amendment comes here

In an on-air appearance, Jack Kingston, a former United States representative from Georgia and a regular CNN commentator, asked, “Do we really think — and I say this sincerely — do we really think 17-year-olds on their own are going to plan a nationwide rally?” (He was quickly rebuked by the anchor Alyson Camerota.)

A point, if not much of one, of fact in the background — sure… the infrastructure that has the kids up and speaking comes from various political causes.  The point is spotted with the bit of hypocrisy over at a different article.

Shyanne Roberts was nine years old when she built her first AR-15-style rifle. Now 13 and a competitive shooter in South Carolina, she regularly uses AR-15s at shooting competitions, along with shotguns and pistols. Her rifle is black with purple marbling. Her name is engraved on the scope mount, so everyone knows it is hers.

“I like shooting them because it’s just another gun to master,” she said.

She has testified against stricter gun laws in New Jersey, and said that she did not support tightening laws on semiautomatic rifles in the wake of the Florida shooting.

I presume the gun is locked up pretty well, with bullets shuffled away to another place, before the outings.  Or — sure — the 13 year old kid is fine.  But the thing I don’t ever quite grasp in terms of the hunting and sporting angle of target shooting and hunting: it strikes me that the closer we get to a bow and arrow, the more it reflects on “sporting” — ie:  skills competition to get the thing focuses.  Moving up the technology to recent transfers from military assault weaponry, and it feels like it would be cheating.  Maybe there’s a grand effects at work, but then I suppose you could get your jollies better from… shoving watermelon off roof tops in lieu of fireworks?

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