is that all?

Apparently, the Russian government swayed the American election by bombarding American facebook users with … er… this.

armyofjesusagainstclinton  Yes.  Paid Russian operatives were behind that whole “Satan loves Hillary” campaign.

The facebook page “Army of Jesus” is pure Russian disinformation.

As too a bunch of other facebook pages you weren’t aware of because you were in the wrong circles.  Which influenced the base vote in and around Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
(Maybe you caught some Bernie bro thing at some point.  I don’t know?).  The only thing I ever got was a barrage of “Vote for Kasich” ads, as the desperate Kasich campaign apparently filtered the ad sense analytics determined I was maybe some anti-Trump Republican.  Or it was worth a roll of the dice to decide that I was.

hillarysatanboxesjesus  You know the thing about the Hillary Clinton Satan boxing Jeus… “Like” if you want Jesus to win thingy…

You can easily “unlike” it.

In the meantime, it’s still legal for everyone to call politicians mean names, and round about there the campaign to figure out how to stop the menace… beggars the possibility of answers that are worse than the problem.

I suppose the deep into into Western psyche, if not for political purposes than for commercial purposes, from nefarious Russian sources goes back to the prefab group “t.A.T.u.”, whose managers saw the titillating appeal of teenage (faux) lesbian singing, manager gnabbing the appeal off of studies in psychology.  I guess the next KGB program will be to try to spot the trends of demonology to dump on … erm…

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    Thanks for the rec! I’ll look them up.

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