4th Congressional Race update

Supposing for a moment that you take the Top 2 Primary of Washington and think through the permutations of how a Democrat oughta vote in the heavily Republican 4th District.  I gather, from the suggestion made by the political pundit class, that any number of Democrats there took a deep breath and cast their lot with the “Establishment” pick, Newhouse, for fear that the Tea Party candidate Didier would end up in a match-up with the Democrat and win in the general election.  This would be at the cost of a general election with differing perimeters of Overton Window where the debates held and thus to whatever extent thrown into public discourse in route the Republican’s November win would be off to the right.

Now ponder this.

Didier dismissed Newhouse as a “career politician” and Hastings as a lawmaker beholden to business interests. He said he did not seek or expect Hastings’ support.

“They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps – so I think people can easily figure out if they want a Congressman whose friends and supporters are lobbyists, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Monsanto, DC and other beltway insiders whose money and power have gotten us into the mess we’re in now– or one who is supported by liberty-loving patriots who want to limit federal government powers and restore our freedoms.”

Granted, Newhouse probably remains the lesser of two evils — when push comes to shove he’d decide against throwing the country over the “Fiscal Cliff” — but it’s interesting to see Didier touching the buttons of corporate welfare and… wait, did he really throw in Monsanto?

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