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Thursday, November 5th, 2015

And another one bites the dust

[Mark] Everson‘s race lasted 246 days, coming to an end on Thursday with a quiet statement praising the conversations he’d had with “Americans across our great country” and hoping for an elegant resolution to the “vigorous but sometimes sloppy contest underway amongst Republicans.” Everson’s campaign actually lasted more than three times as long as Scott Walker’s. He spent about as much as former New York governor George Pataki. He made more early-state visits than former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore. Despite that, Everson was never included in lists of the Republican field, an oddity that we explored in July.

Okay.  So it’s the most prominent candidate not prominent enough to get mentioned by anybody… I guess is this year’s John Cox?
And now he’s out of the race, and someone else gets to have that title.  But who?

Jim Gilmore, the last name anyone bothers to mention, actually was indeed in that most recent CNBC debate.  No, not on stage with either the ten jockeying about in the “majors” or the four in the “preliminary under”, but… he popped up in the bottom screen twitter scroll.  Joining all the bastards not running for President who popped up in that twitter scroll.  A real Man of the People, that Jim Gilmore.

Donald Trump takes on Jeb Bush — or “Jose Bush” — or… swastika? sombrero hat wearing? Jeb Bush? … Worth noting… aren’t whiteys not supposed to be wearing sombreros, or risk the “Cultural Appropriation” / “Brown face” outrage… So is this points deducted from Bush as well Trump?  (Actually, on that last matter… mostly I think by now they should know not to put the silliness of their private party publicly on facebook … but then again, these days nothing is private, is it?)
Hey!  Is this a Donald Trump supporter?

In Responding to Trump’s criticism that Jeb Bush is not exciting or passionate… Jeb Bush has started to use the word “Damned“.  Is this another Jimmy Carter “lust in my heart” Playboy Interview moment, where pandering to one demographic, Jeb will lose another demographic?  Only Time Will tell.

Ben Carson… raps.  Because he’s a black Republican, and, like Michael Steele, that’s what black Republicans end up doing.

As we pursue the archives on Ben Carson, we get to this

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson believes the Egyptian pyramids were used for grain.
In a college commencement speech 17 years ago, Carson told the graduates of Andrews University in Michigan that it is his “personal” belief that the pyramids were built as storehouses for grain and not, as archaeologists say, for the interment of dead pharaohs.

Well, like Evolution versus Creationism, I say teach both theories side by side!

Chris Christie is at risk of dropping to eleventh in the polls, and thus out of the main stage of the debates — keeping a brave face on it though — but it appears likely that a “moment” of “revealed vulnerability” of one sort or other — mom’s fight against cigarettes — may just be enough to save him.  Whew.  Politics… as stupid as that.
And in other political notes… Did this candidate win because of this Chris Christie — sports related “rooting” stupidity?

Gun Safety lessons for Ted Cruz.
And as Rand Paul fades and dazes away… the natural constituents of Ron Paul — the Gold Standard believers… swaying to Cruz.

Apparently Carly Fiorina is having a feud with The View.  I mention that, but will not link to it for reasons of sanity.

Lindsey Graham pours out too much foam in pouring out his beer.  And goes to bat for immigration reform, sure to energize this so very immigrant friendly Republican electorate.  On the other hand, he was declared the winner of the Republican “undercard” debate”, because he was snappy with zingers.  That’s how stupid these things are.

John Kasich had the right stance on that damnable Ohio “legalize through creating a monopoly cartel out of the ballot backers” marijuana bill.  Sure, the reasons given are wrong, but what are you going to do?
Hey!  Arnold Schwarzenegger??? Does he carry any weight in the current Republican Party?

Marco Rubio insists… Bernie Sanders is not a Communist.  And he flip flops on immigration reform, because… Trump and all that.

Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum are still Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum.  They won Iowa in 2008 and 2012, which I guess is why they’re still running around here.

the Democratic Field cut in half

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Lawrence Lessig is … out.  And with that, the Democratic field has been cut in half — from six candidates to three.  He claims they changed the rules on him.

“Until this week, the rule was three polls finding me at 1 percent in the six weeks prior to the debate. Last week we began to get close. Two polls found me at 1 percent. One more, and I would be in the second debate—under the original rule. But under the new rule, the standard is three polls at least six weeks before the debate. That means I would have had to have qualified at the beginning of October, which means that nothing that happens now could matter. Under this new rule, I am just shut out.”

I assume that this point in the polls had come from former supporters of Lincoln Chafee.  Now the question is… where will Lawrence Lessig’s support go now?

John McAfee, who is a figure who is… interesting… weighs in on the meaning of Lessig’s departure from the race.

In other news from the Democratic field… Martin O’Malley has received the crucial support from… former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer.

Interesting, Schweitzer was once upon a time a herald — picked up by one one time candidate Jim Webb — of some kind of rural, largely Western, strategy for the Democrats — winning back the white working class by clinging to guns yourownself and wearing cowboy boots and jeans, and not about to schmooze with too many Hollywood celebrities.  Webb for hisownself has constructed an identity as “Jacksonian Democracy” — he was all set to win West Virginia back… or … something?

What is notable is that the gun issue became more prominent as a litmus for Democrats since Webb’s tenure in the Senate and Schweitzer’s tenure as governor.  Notable about O’Malley and guns.  The other matters is that the polygot nature of Democrats out of power in the White House slides off with the Democrat in the White House, and the thesis of what an imagined electoral voting map gets defined in narrower but less imaginary terms.  Why did Schweitzer pick O’Malley?  I guess it’s because his other two options are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders … is Norway really that great?

election eve referendum

Monday, November 2nd, 2015
 Har de freaking har.
Mississippi’s Governor’s race will decide if the people are angry enough to throw out the incumbent and replace him with a random truck driver.
Or… if they actually hate the media enough to debunk the claims of “novelty candidate’s…
We’ll see tomorrow.

Brian Gray wins 432 votes

Monday, November 2nd, 2015


Exciting election results in Canada, where the Larouche Platform ™ was on the ballot.

By the time all votes were tallied Conservative Marshall Neufeld gained enough to move into second with 19,894, Liberal Connie Denesiuk slipped into third with 18,727 votes, followed by Samantha Troy from the Green Party, 2,851 and Independent Brian Gray, 432.


Locally, Richard Cannings of the NDP will be the very first South Okanagan-West Kootenay Member of Parliament (MP) after picking up 37.2 per cent (24,823) of the votes for the region. Marshall Neufeld of the Conservatives (29.9 per cent) and Connie Denesiuk of the Liberals (28.1 per cent) were not far behind in second and third respectively. Green Party candidate Samantha Troy ended up with 4.3 per cent, while independent Brian Gray had 0.6 per cent.

Such results are typical for a candidate whose facebook pages includes wanton attacks on the Queen of England and loud declarations of support for Vladimir Putin.  Unfortunately, while there’s video of Neufeld’s victory, I’m still having to look around some more for video of Gray’s farewell speech.

This is all as opposed to a candidate running for a legislative seat in Virginia, who is unfairly being tarred a Larouchite — a game of political attack (part of his past, since then he — for instance– went on to support Dennis Kucinich) and lazy reportage.  Past associations never easily cleavered.  At any rate, my guess he’ll do better than Brian Gray.


Lyndon Larouche pronounces “John Boehner” “John Boner” — a childish lowbrow joke which is maybe something you can do once, but then gets tiresome when you actually want to say something of any substance about politics.  Also stamps out as fraudulent the supposed goal of a new “Renaissance”, and the criticism of the demoralizing quality of our culture.  GO Org, GO.


A question in the search terms for this blog.  “Does Lyndon Larouche support Bernie Sanders”?  Answer?  No.  Last I saw, his line was full of support Martin O’Malley, but don’t let that support alter whatever opinion you have or don’t have of Martin O’Malley.

Indeed.  Recent comments on Bernie Sanders.

The corrupt fundraisers for Obama’s campaigns, who smuggled in drug-money under cover of anonymous internet contributions in 2008 for Obama’s fraudulent victory over a better Hillary Clinton, [big backers of Hillary in 2008, today they’re running around with Mike Gravel, noted drug –marijuana– dealer]—have now moved over to perform the same service for Bernie Sanders.

And you know what they think of Obama… (That he’s Hitler).  Not that it matters that much, because…

A different nominating process must be begun now, directed not so much to nominating a single individual for President, but much more towards the creation of a Presidential team, like Franklin Roosevelt’s or George Washington’s team, for example, which unites within itself the qualifications and the knowledge to rescue our country while there is still time. And like Roosevelt’s and Washington’s teams in their time, that team must be assembled now, in and around Manhattan.

Which, I suppose, means that should Bernie Sanders (or Hillary Clinton… or Mike Huckabee or Donald Trump for that matter) come to be president, we will have an interim of a couple months before the inauguration where, as in 2008 after Obama’s election, the Larouchies will report on making contacts with the new administration, before being summarily rejected and becoming ipsofacto Hitler.
This is what Edgar Allan Poe tried to teach you in his great stories, “The Pit and the Pendulum,? and “A Descent into the Maelström,? among so many others. Reread them now. Indeed, he sacrificed everything to teach you this; and now, well over a century later, have you learned nothing at all?
Sure.  It’s the Larouchies and Edgar Allen Poe Versus the Universe.
It’s the Universe that’s the issue, at least the human part of the Universe as we know it. And therefore, we’re going to have to have a composition pulled together which meets that requirement. And we can do that. If we get our ass off the shelf, shall we say, or something like that, we can do it! And we can do it on the basis of a central reference to Manhattan.
And Math.
And you know, mathematics has been one of the most Satanic influences, effectively a Satanic influence, as I know of: mathematics.  Mathematics is a crime against mankind. 
Worth noting, Webster Tarpley has some thoughts on Bernie Sanders.  Decent left wing “gate keeper” idea — I saw a forum round about here in Portland “Should the Left Support Bernie Sanders?”  I can anticipate the focus of the argument against, as spoken too by Green Party candidate Jill Stein — “at the end he’s just going to endorse Hillary Clinton”.  I say this as neither good or bad regarding Bernie Sanders, it’s just that Tarpley has tapped standard left wing criticism of Bernie Sanders, with the added problem that… he supported Hillary Clinton in 2008, with wholly implausible rationales that struck as just political opportunism.
Further Tarpley item:

US historian Webster Tarpley also shared the similar idea, stating that the United States created ISIL to use the jihadists as its secret army to destabilize the Middle East.

What does it mean that in the latest appearance by Michael Billington on Russia TV, he’s referred to as…
The author of the book titled “Reflections of an American Political Prisoner: the Repression and Promise of the LaRouche Movement”
which isn’t a book apt to be in heavy promotion, nor is a touchstone book of any sort.
 Here we see the Larouchies called “goo-gooites… good government… from the Larouchies?

Henry George, for all his faults, had the following to say– which is demonstrated to have endlessly annoyed Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, socialists, communists, libertarians, Ayn Rand devotees, and Lyndon LaRouche goo-gooites

Historical note, from the PANIC Initiative campaigns, and whatfor is AIDS.

Oh, andJustice Department lawyer Kyle Freeny said the requesters — writers for the Lyndon LaRouche-backed Executive Intelligence Review who are representing themselves in the lawsuit — have already received all the records they’re entitled to regarding a Presidential Study Directive President Barack Obama issued on the subject.  Freeny said searches continue on the broader issue of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In other items of no real note


EIR Daily Alert Announces New Pricing
Cost of living going up.
As of this week, EIR is offering its Daily Alert Service for $1200 a year (260 issues), with corresponding prices for half a year ($600) and a monthly subscription ($100). Every day counts in today’s showdown to save civilization. Those determined to act need EIR’s intelligence, now priced for rapid expansion of circulation.

Only 12 thousand bucks???


The UN has a report.  Which includes some passages in regards to  the Horrors of video games, all for the broader topic of “cyber violence against women and girls“.  It cites Larouche. Curiously
 The citation for ‘killing zombies’ links back to quotes from Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche from 2000 when they were decrying video game culture and the Pokémon cult, claiming that it promoted Satanism.
The Pokemon cult is pretty well passe, ain’t it?  Next thing you’ll be ripping the Beanie Babies Cult.

The UN has since apologized.

On Wednesday, the UN issued an apology for how poorly sourced its report on the phenomenon turned out. Relying on such noteworthy sources as Wikipedia, a publication associated with conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Lyndon LaRouche and the UN itself, the report on cyberviolence against women and girls was panned by both supporters and critics alike when it was issued September 24. The prestigious international union promised that it would issue a revision soon, with much better sourcing.

Next up, the UN Report exposing the evils of Math.

It is fairly amusing to see this publication, which would sympathize with the Larouche stance on the influences of video games and mass entertainment media in general, but also has an axe to grind agains the UN, take up the cudgel on this story.

Technogeek (Sep 30, 07:24 pm): @Andrew Eisen: Just promise me that, when you guys do get to the UN thing, you’ll call specific attention to the part where it cites Lyndon LaRouche’s wife.


Helga charms China… championing China’s international trade plans.  No Landbridge in sight.


William Carto is dead.  Snared some politicos in here and there, who have had to apologize for not looking at some fine print… and was pivotal in the political alliances forged by Larouche.