John Goddanmed Cox

Y’know.  I have to pause and reflect on something.

John Cox.*  He can inspire enough passion as to allow for someone to have an email address replete with “theanticox”?

Well, there’s a yahoo group.  Who knew?  4 new members.  3 new messages.  Join today and post up a message so that it will be 5 new members and 4 new messages.

Not to be confused with 1920 Democratic Presidential Nominee James Cox.  Who you have never heard of, and whose name you will not retain within fifteen minutes.
*For what it is worth, Thom Hartmann has interviewed him a couple of times.  Because that’s the kind of thing Thom Hartmann does.

2 Responses to “John Goddanmed Cox”

  1. James Says:

    The Yahoo group exists to get the word out about this dangerous demagogue, but the reality is, the more he opens his mouth the more ridiculous he looks, so I guess the point is moot.

    I heard some of the Hartmann interviews with Cox. Thom kicks his butt all over the place each time, then hangs up on him.

    What’s sad is that he keeps going on Hartmann’s show because the conservative media won’t touch him. They know he’s a crackpot.

    James Middleton Cox isn’t someone to sneeze at. He likely would have been a far better president than Harding (people were sick of Wilson’s nation-building and foriegn wars) and he built up the massive Cox media empire, which exists to this day.

  2. Justin Says:

    Everything I know about James Cox, and specifically his 1920 presidential bid, comes from reading this book:

    It strikes me as an energetic campaign — as opposed to Harding’s use of the old standby “Front Porch Campaign” with a lot of pandering which degenerated into, I suppose largely par for the course for the Democratic Party of olde, racist pleas to White Supremacy.

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