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And another one bites the dust

[Mark] Everson‘s race lasted 246 days, coming to an end on Thursday with a quiet statement praising the conversations he’d had with “Americans across our great country” and hoping for an elegant resolution to the “vigorous but sometimes sloppy contest underway amongst Republicans.” Everson’s campaign actually lasted more than three times as long as Scott Walker’s. He spent about as much as former New York governor George Pataki. He made more early-state visits than former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore. Despite that, Everson was never included in lists of the Republican field, an oddity that we explored in July.

Okay.  So it’s the most prominent candidate not prominent enough to get mentioned by anybody… I guess is this year’s John Cox?
And now he’s out of the race, and someone else gets to have that title.  But who?

Jim Gilmore, the last name anyone bothers to mention, actually was indeed in that most recent CNBC debate.  No, not on stage with either the ten jockeying about in the “majors” or the four in the “preliminary under”, but… he popped up in the bottom screen twitter scroll.  Joining all the bastards not running for President who popped up in that twitter scroll.  A real Man of the People, that Jim Gilmore.

Donald Trump takes on Jeb Bush — or “Jose Bush” — or… swastika? sombrero hat wearing? Jeb Bush? … Worth noting… aren’t whiteys not supposed to be wearing sombreros, or risk the “Cultural Appropriation” / “Brown face” outrage… So is this points deducted from Bush as well Trump?  (Actually, on that last matter… mostly I think by now they should know not to put the silliness of their private party publicly on facebook … but then again, these days nothing is private, is it?)
Hey!  Is this a Donald Trump supporter?

In Responding to Trump’s criticism that Jeb Bush is not exciting or passionate… Jeb Bush has started to use the word “Damned“.  Is this another Jimmy Carter “lust in my heart” Playboy Interview moment, where pandering to one demographic, Jeb will lose another demographic?  Only Time Will tell.

Ben Carson… raps.  Because he’s a black Republican, and, like Michael Steele, that’s what black Republicans end up doing.

As we pursue the archives on Ben Carson, we get to this

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson believes the Egyptian pyramids were used for grain.
In a college commencement speech 17 years ago, Carson told the graduates of Andrews University in Michigan that it is his “personal” belief that the pyramids were built as storehouses for grain and not, as archaeologists say, for the interment of dead pharaohs.

Well, like Evolution versus Creationism, I say teach both theories side by side!

Chris Christie is at risk of dropping to eleventh in the polls, and thus out of the main stage of the debates — keeping a brave face on it though — but it appears likely that a “moment” of “revealed vulnerability” of one sort or other — mom’s fight against cigarettes — may just be enough to save him.  Whew.  Politics… as stupid as that.
And in other political notes… Did this candidate win because of this Chris Christie — sports related “rooting” stupidity?

Gun Safety lessons for Ted Cruz.
And as Rand Paul fades and dazes away… the natural constituents of Ron Paul — the Gold Standard believers… swaying to Cruz.

Apparently Carly Fiorina is having a feud with The View.  I mention that, but will not link to it for reasons of sanity.

Lindsey Graham pours out too much foam in pouring out his beer.  And goes to bat for immigration reform, sure to energize this so very immigrant friendly Republican electorate.  On the other hand, he was declared the winner of the Republican “undercard” debate”, because he was snappy with zingers.  That’s how stupid these things are.

John Kasich had the right stance on that damnable Ohio “legalize through creating a monopoly cartel out of the ballot backers” marijuana bill.  Sure, the reasons given are wrong, but what are you going to do?
Hey!  Arnold Schwarzenegger??? Does he carry any weight in the current Republican Party?

Marco Rubio insists… Bernie Sanders is not a Communist.  And he flip flops on immigration reform, because… Trump and all that.

Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum are still Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum.  They won Iowa in 2008 and 2012, which I guess is why they’re still running around here.

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