the Democratic Field cut in half

Lawrence Lessig is … out.  And with that, the Democratic field has been cut in half — from six candidates to three.  He claims they changed the rules on him.

“Until this week, the rule was three polls finding me at 1 percent in the six weeks prior to the debate. Last week we began to get close. Two polls found me at 1 percent. One more, and I would be in the second debate—under the original rule. But under the new rule, the standard is three polls at least six weeks before the debate. That means I would have had to have qualified at the beginning of October, which means that nothing that happens now could matter. Under this new rule, I am just shut out.”

I assume that this point in the polls had come from former supporters of Lincoln Chafee.  Now the question is… where will Lawrence Lessig’s support go now?

John McAfee, who is a figure who is… interesting… weighs in on the meaning of Lessig’s departure from the race.

In other news from the Democratic field… Martin O’Malley has received the crucial support from… former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer.

Interesting, Schweitzer was once upon a time a herald — picked up by one one time candidate Jim Webb — of some kind of rural, largely Western, strategy for the Democrats — winning back the white working class by clinging to guns yourownself and wearing cowboy boots and jeans, and not about to schmooze with too many Hollywood celebrities.  Webb for hisownself has constructed an identity as “Jacksonian Democracy” — he was all set to win West Virginia back… or … something?

What is notable is that the gun issue became more prominent as a litmus for Democrats since Webb’s tenure in the Senate and Schweitzer’s tenure as governor.  Notable about O’Malley and guns.  The other matters is that the polygot nature of Democrats out of power in the White House slides off with the Democrat in the White House, and the thesis of what an imagined electoral voting map gets defined in narrower but less imaginary terms.  Why did Schweitzer pick O’Malley?  I guess it’s because his other two options are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders … is Norway really that great?

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