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Monday, July 14th, 2014

Number One.  Kesha Rogers versus Jim Rogers
So goes the standard media line on Jim Rogers.
A perennial candidate who never campaigns – Jim Rogers – is in a run-off with a state senator Connie Johnson for the Democrat nomination for U.S. Senate. Not only are Democrats not showing up to vote, they are obviously uninformed when they get there. Johnson is a viable candidate – Rogers is not. 

This is in accurate.  We see him campaigning right here.  We see him campaigning in the very same manner in previous campaigns.  Yet, when the media assess his success — passed the 650,000 vote thresh-hold, and did indeed win the Democratic nomination for Senate once — it’s always “never campaigning.”  (Damned it… it looks like the great resource of “our campaigns dot come is now … kaput.  Where am I supposed to go for an online resource of historical political elections?)

Connie Johnson … 43.84%
Jim Rogers … 35.34%
Patrick Hayes  ...  20.82%

And compare this with the primary result in the Democratic Senate seat in Texas …

David Alameel … 47%
Kesha Rogers … 21.6%
Maxey Marie Scherr  … 17.7%

And … Jim Rogers beat Kesha Rogers in comparison in the initial primary.  We are going to have to see how Jim Rogers does in the upcoming run-off.  The number to beat there is… 27.8%.

Yes, granted.  A vote for Jim Rogers isn’t a vote for any program.  Jim Rogers is purely a personality candidate … a vote for Jim Rogers is a vote for the “Old Koot”.  A vote for Kesha Rogers was a vote for … if I remember the platform correctly… The destruction of all remaining influences of Bertrand Russell?  Which is apparently enough to get you 27 point 8 percent of the vote in a Texas Democratic primary run off.

Number Two.  Kesha Rogers versus Thad Cochran.

It’s notable the way Thad Cochran managed to overturn the general rule of Republican party primary run-offs, which (as we saw in Texas with Ted Cruz, for instance), swings heavily for the more “right wing” “insurgent” against the Establishment pick.  Recognizing the rules of the primary run-off — open to registered voters of the other party if they did not vote in the initial primary, he mobilized Democratic voters.

Kesha Rogers, in theory, tried the same approach.  Though, mostly her appearances on various “Tea Party” groupings and in front of gun shows was just a way to get listings and funding — off of the auxiliary issue of “Impeach the Bum in the White House“.  They failed to cross the line in the primary run off.  I suppose because they looked into it, and didn’t grasp how much Bertrand Russell was destroying America.

The next big election… Who’s running in Michigan?   Urologist Anil Kumar has no political experience but is pouring lots of his own money into the race. Nancy Skinner, a flamboyant former radio talk show host is running, as is Bill Roberts, a follower of Lyndon LaRouche.

Number Three:  Wikipedia notation

I haven’t been watching the Larouche wikipedia team lately, but this is kind of interesting… somewhere off on capital hill some staffer does give a crap about Larouche.

A Twitter bot that watches for anonymous Wikipedia edits from a range of Congressional IP addresses lit up with activity on Monday as somebody — we don’t know who — made unusual changes to 13 wide-ranging Wikipedia articles.

The point makes sense.  It’s in relation to the crisis in the Ukraine, goes about editing the wikipedia pages of Larouche, Alex Jones, and Abby Martin, and David Icke, or another words… countering everyone’s grand appearances on that greatest of news sources… Russia Today.

Number Four:  The Post office tour.

Dateline Rhode Island.
Larouche was in Providence RI not too long ago. Met them outside the post office.
Rachel Brown is kind of hot.

Leaving aside the sort of casual sexism there, it’s interesting, as the consensus on factnet is she hasn’t been looking too great on the webcasts lately.

Dateline History
LaRouche’s Prevent AIDS Now Initiative Committee ( PANIC ) was the proposition’s catalyst. Outcault said LaRouche supported turning gay areas like New York’s East Village, West Los Angeles and San Francisco’s Castro district into place to quarantine gay people. Outcault distilled LaRouche’s “logic.”
“Once the gays were dead, the virus would die,” he said.
Outcault only lived one-half block from the LaRouche headquarters and protested outside.
“We walked in peace as we were called all sorts of names,” he said.

Dateline Klickitat
“This is about removing Obama prior to the outbreak of general war that we are now headed toward with Russia and China, spilling out of the Middle East and the Ukraine,” said Paul Glumaz of the LaRouche PAC.
Glumaz stood next to a table with informational fliers, eager to talk with passersby.
“This is also about getting Obama out before the financial system goes into a total crisis, so we can deal with it from a national perspective,” he said. “Obama does not represent the United States in any way. He has nothing to do with the United States.”
Interesting difference of sales pitch.  I suppose liberals have no trouble saying Bush has things to do with America and represents it.

Dateline New Jersey.

A group from the LaRouche PAC, led by Jeff Rebello of New Jersey and Justin Johnson of Texas, set up a booth in front of the Middlebury Station shopping center on Route 64 on Thursday, to gather signature to try to get President Obama impeached.
And comments:  Next time, when you go to honk your horn in support of Obama with a Hitler mustache, maybe you will reconsider how ridiculous you are making yourself look.

Huh.  Dan Schmitt, Marshalltown has a chant for you all.

Dateline… history.
The last time I saw any of the LaRouchies were a couple of old guys hanging out in front of the Walgreens at Chicago and Michigan with a sign reading “Impeach Cheney now and then his monkey.” You can probably picture the graphics. The time stamp on the picture is Halloween, 2003.
Unfortunately I know all too well about the whole LaRouchie debacle. My Dad was supposed to be Adalai’s running mate in ‘86 but all Democratic resources were focused on “contested” races. It made nationwide news and still comes up from time to time. Not sure what ever happened to Janice Hart & Mark Fairchild anymore and really don’t care either.
The last LaRouchie I saw was back in 2007. He was actually trying to bring those crazy ideas into the DuPage Democratic party. The one I recall him pushing was for a huge railroad project connecting Siberia and Alaska. I asked him who is going to use this railroad? Alaska has fewer people in it than DuPage County and probably less industry too.
Lookin’ for LaRouchies?  The couple I knew moved over to the Ron Paul campaign; one is now officially Libertarian.
–Lookin’ for LaRouchies?–  Looking to avoid them, lol. I got a bellyful in 86.  For those who think MJM is omnipotent, see how the LaRouchies hijacked his boy’s Adlai’s campaign.  The old man is still alive. Didn’t know that til today.

Dateline Otsego

Jason Knoblauch, Oneonta, right, signs up for the Lyndon LaRouche PAC this morning at a booth set up next to the Stewart’s on Route 28, Cooperstown. Frank Mathis, left, of the LaRouche PAC, said a week-long drive is encouraging people to contact their congressmen — Chris Gibson, R-19, is among them — urging them to back legislation to impeach the President. The chapter, based in New Jersey, was in town for a similar drive last October.
Every Congressional District in the nation, remember?

Hilarity Ensues.  Years ago, you see, I came across a couple of LaRouche Youth organizers trying to attract interest from passersby on a busy Manhattan street and having no luck, so I stopped and added my phone number to their little contact list. It turns out, this was the wrong thing to do, as I started receiving very confusing phone calls every few months or so. Now, I make it my business to keep up with the terminology of fringe politics, but even I couldn’t make anything of this LaRouche jibber-jabber. To wit:
Phone: Ring ring, I’m a phone, I’m ringing.
Me: [Answering phone] Hello?
Mysterious Inquisitor: So, what do you think of the Cheney junta’s Dionysian foray into the exegesis of Babylon?
Me: What? Who is this?
Mysterious Inquisitor: LaRouche Youth.
Me: Oh, goddamnit. [Hangs up phone]
Phone: Why do I exist?

Eventually I was able to determine that these LaRouche people favor the construction of some sort of high-speed hover-train that would connect two continents, although I can’t recall which two continents, exactly. Whichever ones they were, I’m sure I’m not opposed to such a thing, but on the other hand I didn’t want to receive any more cryptic phone calls than I was already getting. Thus it was that I vowed never to do anything nice for anyone ever again. Later I narrowed this down a bit and vowed to simply refrain from giving out my phone number to people associated with Lyndon LaRouche. One must always be on guard against drawing overly broad lessons.

Number Five.  So… the “got something… got nothing” game of Kremlinology with this cult.

Almost a month since Lyn’s been on camera. There’s been more and more statements published from Helga, or at least attributed to her. In today’s Policy Committee, Matt Ogden opens by referring to key points from a conversation they had with Helga. They’ve stopped giving reasons for LaRouche’s absence, sometimes not even addressing it.
Really starting to seem like, for whatever reason, Lyn’s been semi-permanently sidelined.
One immediate consequence, at least for me, is that the videos each week are profoundly boring. Haven’t made it through even a quarter of a single one. Bad for business, surely, but great for my mental health.

Just peering into a fishbowl.  Larouche has had minor surgery, and what does that mean?
Watched this just now. I noticed this sculpture too. Maybe he bought the sculptures due to this recent Zeus, Satan, British is Satanic kick. This could be a form of subliminally placing references of Satan in people’s minds. As far as his medical procedure, it is anyone’s guess, I wouldn’t read anything into it at this point

 Number Six:  Insultapalooza

Tea party:  I  wouldn’t care if they were fringe elements like the LaRouchies raving on the sidewalk, but since they’ve gotten people elected to Congress and helped shut down our government last year and cost us $24 billion, yeah, I do care.

Who supports Glass Steagall:  It’s not everyday that you see common cause between certain Wall Streeters and the LaRouchies, but the shared belief is that in order for America to remain functional, that there has to be some modicum of regulation, oversight, and reining in of loopholes. Food for thought.

Making fun of the CEC:  #1:  IN lieu of checking out the Citizens Electoral Council’s scrutiny of the British royal family’s plans to start World War III, we give you this: “The Australian Pastafarian Lobby is outraged, following news that a South Australian man was ordered by police to undergo psychiatric evaluation for wearing a colander on his head in his firearms licence photograph.”
#2:   At a much more minor level we might see alliances forming between parties such as the Bullet Train for Australia Party, the Mutual Party (formerly the Bank Reform Party), Australian Voice Party, the Building Australia Party, 21st Century Party and even Bob Katter’s Australian Party and the Australian Protectionist Party, while on the other hand Smokers’ Rights, One Nation and the Citizens Electoral Council could all form some form of politically incorrect alliance.

Election rules:  And it keeps mischief-makers like the Larouchies — truly marginal, not only un-representative of the party, but actively trying to tear it down — from stealing the spotlight.

The SPLC has its say on one guy out there:  Ball’s lecture mingles “sovereign citizen” rhetoric with conspiracy theories promoted by perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.

TROLL.  @Morzer: Stop poking the LaRouchie with a stick.

Portland Bike Culture.  I like bicycles and I definitely feel as though steps ought to be taken to ensure that cyclists can share the road safely with pedestrians and motor vehicles, but the bike culture in this town is like a farcical cross between a LaRouche rally and a junior high cafeteria clique, and needs to go.

But a bad video by a LaRouchie is not a reason to drop the hammer now.

On Limbaugh on “Green Fascists“:  Wow, I believe that’s actually what Lyndon Larouche believes – If that’s accurate, then I’m sort of in love with the fact that Rush is riding the Larouchie crazy-train.  Say, what say you Carl Osgood?

Number Seven:  Media appearances.

Hegla Zepp gets some mention in this as some authority or other.    Amid the threat of war in various parts of the world, how will it enhance the brave efforts of so many men and nations to create what the German-born Helga Zepp-La Rouche called “a world without war”, during a recent Schiller Institute forum in New York?

Translate that and you’ll get some references to EIR on the evils of George Sorors.

And now a rundown on 2 or so months worth of Iranian Press TV appearances.
senior editor at Executive Intelligence Review Jeff Stainberg his policy is a nightmare of inconfidence and it’s going to blow up to our blah de blah..  ISIL terrorists result of Obama’s policy…
ISIL can catalyze war among world powers: AnalystBill Jones, from the Executive Intelligence Review, said the Takfiri ISIL militants pose no direct but certainly an indirect threat and …
Wall St., London need war: Obama their puppet: Analyst with Mike Billington, with the Executive Intelligence Review…
US ‘advisors’ in Iraq are ‘boots on ground’  They are, as far as I understand, also special forces operators,” said Bill Jones of the Executive Intelligence Review…
Israel using Iraq as ‘diversion’ to push Syria agenda William Jones, with the Executive Intelligence Review…
Syria thwarted US regime change policy: Analyst Lawrence Freeman
Another US military intervention in Iraq is ‘a folly’: Bill Jones
Israel’s ‘inhumane’ policies causing split with US: Analyst Jeffry Steinberg.
NATO, Russia in pre-war situation Bill Jones.
US military involvement in Asia-Pacific ‘dangerous’ Jeffrey Steinberg.
US failing to counter militancy in Nigeria: Analyst Lawrence Freeman.
US doing nothing to help Nigeria: Analyst Lawrence Freeman.
US efforts to isolate Russia, China backfire: Analyst Mike Billington.
Russia dealt with US, UK forcefully: Analyst Mike Billington.
US, UK force confrontation with Russia: Analyst Mike Billington.
US has double standards on espionage: Analyst Jeff Steinberg.
Libya, base to destabilize Africa: Douglas DeGroot.

when Larouche croaks, they can just turn the reigns over to Vladmir Putin?

Number Eight: 

Ms Duggan said: “I don’t believe there is ever going to be a proper investigation by the German authorities. It’s 11 years and even with a court order they still don’t follow the order of the court.
“Here you have an extremist group that incites racism against the British and the Jews and the authorities are quite happy to say it’s no interest of theirs and they do not need to investigate this organisation.
“We go round and round in circles. No one in Germany seems to want to admit they made a mistake. At some point we have to break out of this cycle.”
Interesting phrasing here:  Ms Duggan believes he came to harm at the hands of a branch of the LaRouche international political movement, a cult suspected of fascist and anti-Semitic beliefs.

More here, here, here, here, and here.

yes. But can he sneak in another win?

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Ah, the Life of a perennial “hobby” candidate.

The signs Rogers holds are white poster board scrawled with various political messages written in black permanent marker. Emblazoned in white letters on his bright red sweater, its shoulders beaten by the sun, are the words “Oklahoma Jim Rogers U.S. Senate 2004.”
“I get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and on the street by 5 o’clock, and I campaign at restaurant centers and on the corner and wherever I can find a crowd gathering or leaving,” Rogers said. “I stay with it all day.”

Jim Rogers US Senate 2004?


The occasional passing car will honk, and rarely, someone walking past will stop and talk for a moment before moving on, said Mark, a taxi driver who asked that his last name not be used. He drives the yellow taxi that takes Rogers from corner to corner to campaign, as he puts it.

Mark said Rogers pays him about $30 an hour to wait in his car as he waves to what he hopes will be his future constituents.

Someone’s making money off his campaign.  Once in office, he will be beholden to that taxi driver.



round balls

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

The one thing about Lebron James is … once again he has done as good enough job as any of exposing the absurdity of professional sports.

Skip back to this one… oh, time 2:50 … “let the world know the Heat are back, and then… hm… 3:30 … “win champions” “not one” etc onto “not seven“.

At the time of the Great schadenfreude after the Heat lost to the Mavericks in the finals, my thought was… “yeah, wait a year”, and quietly putting the number of titles the Lebron James lead Heat would win at … two.  Which is what ended up happening.  The most amusing item out of the whole debacle came … The Stupidity.

John Kasich, Governor of the state of Ohio, took the unusual step of honoring a team with no geographical ties to his jurisdiction. On Monday, one day after the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals, Kasich’s office released a press release noting that the governor had issued a resolution that declared that the Mavericks, their friends, family and fans are now officially “Honorary Ohioans.”

And Lebron James’s rejoinder at Cleveland Cavaliers fans celebrating the Heat’s defeat… as I recall … on getting back to the real world and their lives and all those problems with their lives… oh, in other words: “I’m rich; you’re not.”  He has a point, if we skip it over to “I’m playing; you’re watching”.

Skipping ahead to the second Finals defeat, and the … surreality of Game one where… the air conditioning in San Antonio went on the fritz, the heat proved unbearable, and Lebron James sat down at the end of the game as the Spurs exploded for a huge run against the Lebron James less game.  All very ironic given that James plays for a team called the “Heat” who had a motto emblazoned on t-shirts declaring “White Hot Heat”.  (As someone said, “You would never see Jordan do that!”)

Now we see Lebron James… er… returning to Cleveland, after stating he was permanently enthrall to Miami and committed to winning eight championships… and … reaction from politicos in Florida.

Skip on to Ohio, and… this is Kasich‘s terse response.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for his Republican opponent, Gov. John Kasich, saw economic benefits in James’ decision, too.  “It’s been a week of great news for Cleveland, and it is, of course, great to see Ohio create yet another job,” Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said.

Now James is talking up his love of Ohio, and… yes, it’s entertainment, folks.  You tell the crowd in front of you they’re the Greatest, even if you told a crowd in a different city that they’re the greatest and not — oh boy that crowd in that other city.

spam comment of the day

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Wake up politics is just an illusion for the sheeple.The New World Order is in Endgame. I guarantee you that the next president will be the one with the most royal blood in the bloodline.

Yeah, this is designed to be looked over when deleting most everything en masse.  Shoulda gone the reptilian route, though.

2 candidates… Pross and Didier… duking it out

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Okay.  The one man I want to hear from at this big Congressional candidate forum.

Republican Gordon Allen Pross, who farms outside Ellensburg, said the national debt is actually $218 trillion. The eight-time candidate wants to go to Washington, D.C., to take on tyranny.

“I need to get that ball rolling up there because we haven’t had any leadership up there for 100 years,” Pross said.

Sure… and then there’s…

The audience laughed when Eltopia farmer and former pro football tight end Clint Didier, who recently made headlines by having a drawing for three guns, randomly drew a question about gun background checks. He said anyone but convicted felons should be allowed to buy guns, and later took on Common Core standards in education.

“Common Core is a direct result of our involvement with the United Nations,” he said. “Ladies and gentlemen, I want the United States out of the UN and the UN out of the United States … You look at our founding fathers they were much more educated than we are today. We are losing ground because government is involved.”


the lunatic fringe, then and always

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

It is vitally necessary to move forward and to shake off the dead hand, often the fossilized dead hand, of the reactionaries; and yet we have to face the fact that there is apt to be a lunatic fringe among the votaries of any forward movement. In this recent art exhibition the lunatic fringe was fully in evidence, especially in the rooms devoted to the Cubists and the Futurists, or Near-Impressionists.

Theodore Roosevelt, reviewing the International Exhibition of Modern Art Amory Show of 1913.  The chief culprit for Roosevelt’s criticism of the “lunatic fringe” is evidently this one.


crying out for attention, because how else is he going to get any traction?

Thursday, July 10th, 2014


I’m having trouble unscrambling the components of this ad.  So, Democratic prospect Estakio Beltran shoots at an elephant shaped pinata, as “what happens to an elephant who stand around doing nothing for too long”, and then he rides off on a donkey to Washington DC.

It’s labeled here as throwing “a hail Mary“.  Maybe that’s the word we may as well use for advertisements whose main purpose is to get national publicity for low funded candidacies.

As in… what does this ad even signify?

(1).  He’s asserting his gun rights bonafides against the national Democratic Party’s agenda for his rural Central Washington district.
(2).  There’s something maybe gleefully politically incorrect about using the pinata as an icon… maybe?

Trying to get to that whole Herman Cain attempt at a racial “I’m playing the part of some of your racial stereotypes just for the Hell of it” thing… See the National Review commentary.
An hispanic man shooting a piñata. That made me laugh. A lot.
And riding a burro donkey. All that’s missing is a bottle of tequila.

See therefor, almsot getting at one issue the NR might go to if Beltran were actually successful with this ad:  While the media’s reaction to the offensive video is predictable, there’s little doubt that if a Republican candidate made a similar ad they’d be accused of promoting violence against Democrats.  Interestingly, they don’t make the case on cultural and racial lines.
(3).  Huh. 
This inane Capitol-cowboy equation of political struggle with armed conflict puts Beltran not in the company of compassionate statesmen, but in the company of Sarah “Reload” Palin, a Georgia anti-Obama redneck with a cannon, this Alabama Republican dude with his gun BBQ smoker, and the lady who brags about how well she can de-nut a pig.
On the Palin ad I always half wanted to defend it from the insinuation associating it with the Gabrielle Giffords shooter anyways, so…


Scaife, dead

Saturday, July 5th, 2014


In another approach, in the 1990s, he poured millions into what critics called a moral crusade against Mr. Clinton and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, financing investigations by publications, notably the conservative American Spectator and his own Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, that were aimed at discrediting the Clintons.
They accused the Clintons of fraud in the Whitewater case, a failed real estate venture in the 1970s and ’80s, when Mr. Clinton was governor of Arkansas, and Mr. Clinton of sexual misconduct in liaisons with Paula Jones in Little Rock and Monica Lewinsky in the White House. They also charged that Vincent W. Foster Jr., a White House counsel and former law partner of Mrs. Clinton, had been murdered in 1993 in a Whitewater cover-up. Several investigations found that Mr. Foster had committed suicide.
The accusations, which prompted Mrs. Clinton to say on national television that her husband was the target of a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” troubled the administration for most of its tenure.

An odd mix of scurrilous rumor mongering out of the depths of the “Arkansas Project” — oh, Troopergate… oh, drug smuggling… and, you know — things that actually happened. (Monica.)

And then… Two

In 2008, Mrs. Clinton, then a Democratic senator from New York running for president, met Mr. Scaife and editors and reporters of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review for an interview. The newspaper endorsed her, and Mr. Scaife, in a commentary, said: “I have a very different impression of Hillary Clinton today. And it’s a very favorable one indeed.”

This took a lot of “movement conservatives” by surprise, and in need of explanation.  They came up with “Personal Reasons” — fighting his demons of alcohol, seduced by Satan therefor and…

It is interesting to note odd headline quirks.

billionaire who funded anti-liberal causes

as opposed to conservative causes.  Which, granted, is that thing that unites and fits the Nixon — Limbaugh paradigm of what defines “conservative”, but is maybe a liberal bias… maybe?

cracking the top 2

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

So… who’s going to make the top 2 in the big Washington State 4th Congressional district race to take over from the retiring Richard “The Doc” Hastings?

Apparently, the Republican Establishment pick is Dan Newhouse, so he is expected to get in there.  The second pick comes down to … apparently one of these candidates

Former professional football player and candidate and “far righter” Clint Didier (one of “those guys“.)
State Senator Janéa Holmquist, established politician who also happens to be the one woman on the ballot.
Kennewick attorney George Cicotte, because of whatever… he’s Mormon and from the Tri-Cities, says the article, so that’s two voting blocs he might gnab.
Estakio Beltran, because he’s the Democratic Establishment pick.

May I offer a surprise dark horse possibility?  Gavin Siem.  For the simple fact that he is the first name on the ballot of 12 candidates.