Scaife, dead


In another approach, in the 1990s, he poured millions into what critics called a moral crusade against Mr. Clinton and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, financing investigations by publications, notably the conservative American Spectator and his own Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, that were aimed at discrediting the Clintons.
They accused the Clintons of fraud in the Whitewater case, a failed real estate venture in the 1970s and ’80s, when Mr. Clinton was governor of Arkansas, and Mr. Clinton of sexual misconduct in liaisons with Paula Jones in Little Rock and Monica Lewinsky in the White House. They also charged that Vincent W. Foster Jr., a White House counsel and former law partner of Mrs. Clinton, had been murdered in 1993 in a Whitewater cover-up. Several investigations found that Mr. Foster had committed suicide.
The accusations, which prompted Mrs. Clinton to say on national television that her husband was the target of a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” troubled the administration for most of its tenure.

An odd mix of scurrilous rumor mongering out of the depths of the “Arkansas Project” — oh, Troopergate… oh, drug smuggling… and, you know — things that actually happened. (Monica.)

And then… Two

In 2008, Mrs. Clinton, then a Democratic senator from New York running for president, met Mr. Scaife and editors and reporters of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review for an interview. The newspaper endorsed her, and Mr. Scaife, in a commentary, said: “I have a very different impression of Hillary Clinton today. And it’s a very favorable one indeed.”

This took a lot of “movement conservatives” by surprise, and in need of explanation.  They came up with “Personal Reasons” — fighting his demons of alcohol, seduced by Satan therefor and…

It is interesting to note odd headline quirks.

billionaire who funded anti-liberal causes

as opposed to conservative causes.  Which, granted, is that thing that unites and fits the Nixon — Limbaugh paradigm of what defines “conservative”, but is maybe a liberal bias… maybe?

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