cracking the top 2

So… who’s going to make the top 2 in the big Washington State 4th Congressional district race to take over from the retiring Richard “The Doc” Hastings?

Apparently, the Republican Establishment pick is Dan Newhouse, so he is expected to get in there.  The second pick comes down to … apparently one of these candidates

Former professional football player and candidate and “far righter” Clint Didier (one of “those guys“.)
State Senator Janéa Holmquist, established politician who also happens to be the one woman on the ballot.
Kennewick attorney George Cicotte, because of whatever… he’s Mormon and from the Tri-Cities, says the article, so that’s two voting blocs he might gnab.
Estakio Beltran, because he’s the Democratic Establishment pick.

May I offer a surprise dark horse possibility?  Gavin Siem.  For the simple fact that he is the first name on the ballot of 12 candidates.

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