yes. But can he sneak in another win?

Ah, the Life of a perennial “hobby” candidate.

The signs Rogers holds are white poster board scrawled with various political messages written in black permanent marker. Emblazoned in white letters on his bright red sweater, its shoulders beaten by the sun, are the words “Oklahoma Jim Rogers U.S. Senate 2004.”
“I get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and on the street by 5 o’clock, and I campaign at restaurant centers and on the corner and wherever I can find a crowd gathering or leaving,” Rogers said. “I stay with it all day.”

Jim Rogers US Senate 2004?


The occasional passing car will honk, and rarely, someone walking past will stop and talk for a moment before moving on, said Mark, a taxi driver who asked that his last name not be used. He drives the yellow taxi that takes Rogers from corner to corner to campaign, as he puts it.

Mark said Rogers pays him about $30 an hour to wait in his car as he waves to what he hopes will be his future constituents.

Someone’s making money off his campaign.  Once in office, he will be beholden to that taxi driver.



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