2 Democratic Senate candidates to watch: One will lose the upcoming primary; the other will have to wait to November

Grady (Not Ralph) Yarbrough’s history of campaigning.   By contrast, Yarbrough ran for the Republican nomination for land commissioner in 1986 and 1990 before running for state treasurer as a Democrat in 1994 – unsuccessfully every time.

The Texas Treasurer position race is the only race mentioned in the “Our Campaigns” website.  A position that no longer exists.

Taking on the name issue.
If my name resembles someone who may have served in the United States Senate some 35-40 years ago, living or dead, it’s purely coincidental,” he said, insisting any name recognition he enjoys stems from his three previous statewide races.
And if Yarbrough has benefitted from the name game, there’s evidence he’s also suffered from it. He lost the 1986 GOP land commissioner runoff to M.D. Anderson Jr., who had nothing to do with the renowned cancer hospital. (For the record, Paul Sadler has nothing to do with Jerry Sadler, who held a variety of offices from 1938 through 1970. And I’m not former Glendora, Calif., Mayor Ken Herman.) FYI, Yarbrough ran in 1994 as Grady Yarborough. His mistake, he says.

Actually I think his name just stuck out in a low-impact election.  The logic of the “running every cycle, gots some name recognition from it” would fall apart even more surely than getting a nod from Ralph — his last election was 1994.

Previously he had been running a few campaigns as a Republican.  Which, given that   he just moved to the left of anyone right about here — poses the question: Huh?

Well, if the Texas Republicans could bring themselves to care, they might do as Claire McCaskill did and prop up the candidate they want the Dems to vote in by running something like this anti-Akin ad to get Republicans to vote for him.

Meanwhile, on the Republican Side:  there’s gonna be a third debate.  Tea will be served.  Or something.

Meanwhile, in Nebraska:
Not everyone is laughing about an essay that comedy writer Sarah Paley, the wife of U.S. Senate candidate Bob Kerrey, wrote for Vogue magazine.
The former “Saturday Night Live” scribe’s husband has served as both senator and governor of Nebraska. He is now running against Republican state legislator Deb Fischer to reclaim his Nebraska Senate seat.
In her essay, titled “The (Not So) Good Wife,” Paley bemoaned that her husband is getting back into politics, saying she reacted with “hysteria, tantrums, sulking.”
She also joked about trying to orchestrate a sex scandal to end his campaign.

Sure to win over Middle America and defuse the “Gone New York / Hollywood” image of Nebraska’s former Senator.


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