We won’t have Yarbrough to kick around anymore, and the problem with his immigration stance

Last ditch electioneering from Grady Yarbrough.

The Democratic US Senate candidate who is often perceived as a joke, Grady Yarbrough, is apparently releasing an ad.

“I will support the Dream Act 100%,” he says as the ad begins. He also proposes to “grant citizenship to all undocumented workers living here for more than 7 years without a criminal history.”

That sounds like a big liberal limb to jump out on to Texas’s voters, and it’s certainly not a place that Paul Sadler is willing to go.

Which is interesting, considering the debate performance:
Yarbrough said he was on board with any number of measures, including a wall or fence, to close the U.S.-Mexico border. And to make his point, he referenced the infamous Berlin Wall, saying “it was pretty effective.”
“We have to use whatever method is at our disposal,” he said.

They are, I suppose, not contradictory positions.  But considering that Yarbrough was apparently trying to get the votes of a mixture of people voting for the ghost of Ralph and a mixture of Hispanic and black votes (he claims he ran around the state and went to crowds of minorities) — well, quite the idiosyncratic positioning.  Probably just pandering twice.

Anyway.  It doesn’t matter.  Sadler won.  And he now goes on to lose to the Tea Party challenger to the Establishment Republican pick.  And there’s a certain hand-wringing to Democratic voters and activists — “If only we coulda found a contender” — this coulda been the year, after a decade of futility with contenders in what looked like they could be the year for statewide election results.

Anyway… election results for the day’s contests… I’ll see if there’s anything later.

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