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Hillary Clinton hearing chants of “Monica” in Egypt

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012


A blast from the past in the standard “Protest the American Statesperson” protests in Egypt.

The news that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s motorcade was pelted with shoes and tomatoes by Egyptian protesters, who also taunted her by chanting “Monica! Monica!” as she left the U.S. consulate in Alexandria on Sunday, delighted conservative bloggers in the United States.

“Monica!”  Really?  Wow.  That’s, like, from the last Century and stuff.
Also.  How can this delight Conservative bloggers?  Didn’t they get the memo?  Clinton’s the Centrist that the new Leftwing Obama Administration is betraying.

Bassem Sabry  I really don’t understand what this anti-Hillary protest sign says. But the picture sort of hints towards the meaning
 “Clinton had the right of that you have the feeling and humanity but you don’t see except your personal interest only.”  There is something lost in translation here — I think the protesters were using babelfish.

The story goes on to suggest that these protesters are picking up on tea-party esque conspiratorials about how Obama is a Muslim and stuff.

As my colleague Kareem Fahim reported on Sunday, some political opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt claim that the United States even plotted to install the Islamist party’s presidential candidate in office. “Although wildly counterintuitive,” my colleagues David Kirkpatrick and Mayy El Sheikh observed on Saturday, “that conspiracy theory has tapped into the deep popular distrust here of the United States.”

The Egyptian writer and blogger Bassem Sabry reported on Twitter that the protesters at Saturday’s rally roared their approval when they were addressed by Tawfik Okasha, the host of a popular television program who has been called “Egypt’s Glenn Beck,” because of his embrace of conspiratorial thinking and hatred of political Islam. Last month, Mr. Okasha insisted that the presidential election had been rigged at the behest of the U.S. to deny Ahmed Shafik, a former general who was Hosni Mubarak’s last prime minister, the victory he earned at the ballot box.

Egypt’s Glenn Beck.
Is that same concept as the  Russian version of Married With Children, for instance?
Of course, now I’m back in the same territory of quick anachronisms that come along with Egyptian protesters shouting “Monica!”.  Glenn Beck is soooo 2009.  That’s from another decade!

And, of course, we do have the partisan switch over here.  When a liberal smirked at Hugo Chavez making a line about President Bush, or an Iraqi throwing a shoe at him… well, I’m sure we can find some bloggers making the “Respect the Office, and Defend the American Ambassador” no matter her politics with regard to Hillary Clinton in Egypt.

Hitting the DNC Convention in September to campaign for who?

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Ralph Nader had claimed to be speaking to various Democrats to bring out a primary challenger against Obama, maybe “a former Senator” or “Former Governor” — having retired from the perennial candidacy gambit.  Nothing much came of it all.  The closest was a suggestion by Mike Gravel, which blurbed through a 24 hour news cycle then disappeared.  But it is hard to see how any “name” with a stature above Gravel would have taken the plunge, or any name of Gravel could’ve beaten out the performances by the no-names who embarrassed Obama through the “Red Streak” on the map.
So now we see the Larouche Movement’s  efforts to “Dump Obama” have moved on to the Convention.

Dateline Muskego, Who do Don and Judy Clark have in mind here?:
As to impeaching a president that will be up for re-election in less than four months? The Clarks are convinced he won’t leave, comparing him to a dictator who won’t leave office. Judy explained that the goal of the LaRouche movement is also to introduce a second candidate at the Democratic convention in September, as “Democrats don’t want him in office either…be watching the week of September.”
Muskego residents driving by were largely supportive of the anti-Obama message, but most who honked likely didn’t have LaRouche stickers on their bumpers, either. The Clarks are undeterred, and said they plan on appearing throughout the area to get their message out.
It can’t be the obvious pick…
Don’t get too excited, Republicans, they don’t like Romney, either. Their candidate? Lyndon LaRouche, who for many is a familiar name at the voting booth as a presidential candidate who ran eight times between 1976 to 2004
His days of Perennial candidacy are over, just like Ralph Nader’s are.  Even Margaret Fairchild know that.
As for LaRouche, he’s not running for office-he’s almost 90 years old-and he, in fact, does have the right to run for office, Mr. Burmeister.Xlcer tags this as a “Parlor trick” of old –the “Dark Horse at the Convention” gambit.  But the key element is missing.  Who is it that will be saving Western Civilization and Mankind from Obama now that it can’t be Larouche?  Ralph Nader can go on o endorse the Presidential campaign efforts of former Salt Lake mayor Rocky Anderson (and snub Green Party candidate Jill Stein), but the Fantasy Shadow Politics of Larouche dictates no allowance for such a course.  They need to go in-house here, somehow.  Because it is as And Howie G points out — the “Only Larouche” factor:   These actions have been taken with the full knowledge that the fight for Glass-Steagall has been led—in the United States and in Europe—by Lyndon LaRouche. As he noted in the brief statement that appeared earlier, LaRouche is the only person qualified to engineer the return to Glass-Steagall and a system of fixed-exchange-rate sovereign currencies in the trans-Atlantic region. 

 When the time comes to call and annoy Democratic delegates, who are they pitching?  Proven vote-getters Kesha Rogers or Perry Clark?  The former is involved in a knock-em-sock-em race with Republican powerhouse Pete Olson; the latter is in the race of his life with fiesty up and comer Chris Thieneman.

Well, I guess as the two people manning the card table at the Post Office said, “Be watching the week of September.”


Can’t the state of Michigan solve the problem Thad McCotter dumped on them by simply convincing the House of Representatives to decline his resignation, and let everyone ignore his ensuing absenteeism through the last days of his congressional career?

Whatever.  Syed Taj has tossed this special election aside.  Better to stick with the primary and general.

Democratic candidate Dr. Syed Taj said he appreciated the encouragement and enthusiasm shown by people in the current district since the governor’s announcement, he would not be a candidate in the special election.
“Instead I am maintaining my focus on talking to voters throughout Michigan’s new 11th Congressional District in an effort to ensure that their views and values are represented for a full term in the next Congress,” Taj said.

Bill Roberts?   Bill Roberts, who is also listed on the Democratic primary ballot, has not decided whether he will run in the special election, according to Emma Reuter, campaign manager.  “We’re still on the fence,” Reuter said.
Probably not worth over-thinking this matter.  I think Nancy Cassis, the Republican establishmentarian forced into a write-in for the primary election, has the most to benefit from the special election — she’s trying to get through and any name recognition matters.  I think Bill Roberts would gain through any “Operation Chaos” maneuver — any name familiarity matters.

Wonkette Commenter asks:    What are the odds the MD gets beat by the LaRouchie? This is why we can’t have nice things.

BUT the “experts” believe… it’s … Syed Taj on the way to victory.  Democrats are expected to nominate Syed Taj, a physician who has run an underfunded campaign.

Syed Taj faces a hurdle even before the November election. He faces a primary opponent with a more familiar sounding name, one William Roberts. But Mr. Roberts is a follower of Lyndon LaRouche, and wants to impeach the President. Worrying about winning the primary is a distraction Taj hadn’t counted on, Assuming he gets past the primary, he then will face either Kerry Bentivolio or Nancy Cassis in the general election. Candidly, Taj admits he would rather face Bentivolio, because his views are likely to be seen as more extreme.
Looking past the primary and on the primary at the same time.  Tight rope…


Dave Christie… interesting to see his vote totals match up against the Progressive Democrat and the Ron Paul Democrat.  There will be a debate  2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, July 21.  How will Adam Smith manage the torrent?  Stay Tuned.

Campaigning in the Fourth of July Parade:  Worse, my four-year old was handed a pamphlet by this group, which contained the infamous and ridiculously offensive picture of Obama with the Hitler-stache that the LaRouchies love so much. While I was busy being angry about the large sign, my son handed me the pamphlet, opened to that picture, and said “look, Mom!” He is well aware of who our President is and was amused and confused by it. I said “I’ll take that, those people are yucky.” Infuriating.

Oh, Basically this.   I agree with Laurel Humphrey. I believe we can profess our opinions, but we should not be disrespecting our current president in our community parade.  It’s not the appropriate venue, a Community Independence Day Parade.
I’m glad to see this letter. I felt a similar discomfort, but didn’t want to make a big deal about it in front of my 8 and 2-year old kids. I just waited to make eye contact, then gave the guy a thumbs down. He smiled back and gave me a thumbs up. While it’s not an amazing example of productive discourse, it’s an example of silent civility, right?
The LaRouche crowd actually disgusts me (and I totally agree that I”m sick of being accosted aggressively at the PO). But there you go: what Bree and Eric said. Though I do wonder if there can’t be criteria established for the parade that would limit it to positive participants who want to celebrate democracy instead of smirking and sneering at it all the time? (My Dad was in the Marine Corps for many years and has had a lifelong reputation for being the prototypical “steely eyed missle man.” The only time in my entire life I saw him lose his cool–and in a big way–was when he was trying to get by LaRouche people to get into the Post Office.)

Underground Serbian Cafe with Dave Christie:  The nearly 170 years of opium smoking at The Economist, may have finally taken its toll.

In other items… Howie G enjoyed his Diane Sare campaigning.  Hm.


Chickens in a tough spot. It’s like a horror movie when the door closes too soon and you watch your friend get torn apart by zombies/tentacles/LaRouchies through the porthole.  Poor chickens!

Harley Schlanger wants you to know — “We’re about to have the most devastating collapse in world history“.   The SGT Report is a haven of these reports.  Next up we gets out “Tim Geithner is Dead Meat.”  Even though he’s with the corruptable Obama Administration?

Bill Goode wants to know:
It makes me nervous that a sight such as SGT would become so enamoured with LaRouche. Typically SGT has promoted causes for less government involvement in our lives and cutting government spending. These are causes that I believe in and look for news and opinions on. Lately however, SGT has become very enamoured with LaRouche, which is a very dangerous organization. To SGT I would ask “Why would you support government involvement in massive public works projects, especially at a time when our governments (federal, state and local) are all going bankrupt?” We cannot afford them. Nor should we depend on governments to construct and operate such projects. They only make the people more dependent on the government. Is that what SGT is after? It didn’t used to be. Now ??? What’s up SGT?

Yeah.  Well.  We get this claim.  If you close your eyes, you’d swear Harley was a Libertarian.  See too he’s worked with Ron Paul.

Larouche:  We Are Now Living on the Brink of Hell.
More coverage with these 2012 predictions.
We got some agreement here.
Note: I don’t squarely recommend Lyndon Larouche. He went insane around the time of the assassination attempts on him–who can blame him. Before that, he was a little odd, but actually got some stuff right in his assessments and predictions. Repeatedly, I keep going back to saying, “Wait, Larouche was right back when he said…” He now functions with a very tight, unhealthy personality cult around himself. If you question anything, even for the sake of obtaining clarification, you’re treated like a threat. He has some good researchers under him, but that’s about as good as it gets. Check their material, but don’t let them know you exist. Stay flexible. I hope this reply is worth your time.

Gunny G reposts Larouche post about The Need to Save Humanity by Removing Obama from office NOW.  It is almost impossible to overstate the strategic significance of the fact that an important group within the top echelons of the British Establishment have come to the conclusion that Glass-Steagall is the only survival option open to them.

Howie G says:  This is from the London Telegraph, the British are going LaRouche and LaRouche Pac, they are going Glass Steagall crazy, for real Harlem dudes.
and their proposal that the United States join them in establishing a classical Glass-Steagall banking reorganization of the transatlantic financial system immediately.

I am going to call ‘Shill’ on this guy.  He is a very clever Shill, I will give him that, but a NWO proponent he is.
I smell Rockafeller and Rothschild, remember the recent annoucement that the two were going to merge.

Lawrence Freeman on Iran’s Press TV.
Here’s what it gets them.
AND0950 GMT: Foreign Affairs (Syrian Front). Iranian State media has been most unhappy with Tehran’s exclusion from this weekend’s international conference on Syria, and Press TV goes farther this morning with a darker vision: “West Seeks War with Russia”. AND The “analyst” who gives Press this insight? Lawrence Freeman of the “Executive Intelligence Review”, an outlet for the theories of political eccentric and conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche.
AND   There is always a new twist to the uprising in Syria and now analysts say that the United States and Britain are hell bent on starting World War IIIWorld War III under the garb of peace in Syria.


He nails it.”  Does he?   From: William H Mullen  Subject: GEN. INTEREST: 


Blast from the Past.  This is The Larouche Legacy. I remember repressive measures proposed by extremists, such as Lyndon La Rouche, who tried to pass a ballot measure to quarantine people with HIV. We fought those measures and defeated them, but wasted valuable resources that could have been used to care for those who needed it.

Blast from the Past.
Dr. Gabriel G. Nahas, a controversial medical researcher who became a prominent crusader against marijuana after being shocked to hear, at a PTA meeting in 1969, about the drug’s widespread use, died on June 28 in Manhattan. He was 92. […]
This is the same Dr. Nahas who claimed his studies showed pot created chromosome, testosterone (male hormone) damage, and countless other horrible effects which suggested the breaking down of the immune system. Nahas’ background is in the OSS/CIA and later the U.S. where he worked closely with Lyndon LaRouche and Kurt Waldheim.
This is Larouche’s legacy.  Accumulate some figures in political activity at their “no longer taken serious” period of their careers.

A bit of fascinating history on this … well, neo-nazi blog… Stevenson and the Democrats tried to kill off his make-shift party he created to run for office without sharing the ballot line with the Larouchies.  The Republican vetoed it.  His party fell to… Fulani and the Newmanites.  This is the Larouchie legacy:  Ballot curiosities.

The LaRouchies must be going wild about this.  Because “Nation Opens Up Wallets” on Health Care Ruling.   I do miss those loons … I’m sure they’re going nuts, but it’s impossible for them to get attention when the mainstream GOP has seized control of.
One Utah… random comment:    Lyndon LaRouche. Ultimate wing-nut.  Why settle for anything less than the real thing?
Lyndon LaRouche?  Ron Paul?  Or a ‘puter literate teabagger’s sock puppet?.
Are there any connections between the Kimberlinites and the Larouchies? Besides combining insanity with politics, I mean. Comment by Dr. Weevil — 6/26/2012 @ 9:25
(Describing some right-wing pols in Nevada):  They are IAP interlopers playing in the Dem’s sandbox and have the toxic effect that the La Rouchies have for national Dems.

 Rick Potvin celebrates … One of the first books I read, by Larouche, was “The Economics of the NOosphere”, a stunning critique of economics as practiced and taught in universities, of which I was a recipient. The only economics that is real is, in fact, physical: Physical economics. The financial economy, so-called, has nothing to do with economics. Those calling themselves economists are effectively traitors to mankind.

Larouchie pops up on Thom Hartmann board.


Dateline Port Washington, Wisconsin.
In fact, the 50-year-old Fredonia man was so offended that he stopped his car and confronted the subjects at the stand, grabbing one of them by the neck, according to the police report.
The stand in the 1000 block of North Wisconsin Street had some large signs reading “Impeach Obama” with images of the president sporting a “Hitler mustache,” police said.
The man was cited for disorderly conduct.

More. Did you not read my post ?The LaRouche’s have used this same poster for years ,the only thing changed is the name of the president under the mustache.Don’t take my word for it go to their web site.These guys have been around as long as Castro.They are not even Republicans,instead they wish to bring back the Roosevelt of LaRouches youth.They also have a strange facination with large public projects and building a space fleet to protect Earth.
Should have just egged them.
he was not attacking him. he was just adjusting his collar.
i don’t know ask the woman at the rand paul townhall that got her head stomped on by a rand paul buddie. so attacking someone is ok based on their political views? 
I was their and signed the petition proudly to Impeach this president. Please don’t compare Bush who actually was a service man and served his country compared to a president who is very much Anti American, whom supports and funds American tax payers money to terrorist to improve their place of worship that by the way is their spot to teach their kids to hate Christians and Americans. I am Hispanic and did not vote for Mr.Obama and will not vote for him in November because he did not have what a Leader should have to run this nation,, thus far he has done everything to prove what a poor leader he is. The only thing good that I see that came of his presidency is that now America has a Black American President and even that is in question with Mr. Obama. Yes they had a picture of Mr.Obama with a mustache like Hitler and how I see it as an American that is called Freedom of Speech. Just the way the liberals use their Freedom of speech to kill babies and support same sex marriages I am sure the conservatives have their right to show their thoughts on how we see Mr. Obama. So get over it people and realize that you cant have your cake and eat to..oh yeah I forgot that’s why Obamacare is so important to you the liberals who love to use others hard working earned money.

Dateline New Canaan:  One supporter donated cash while another, who identified himself as a carpenter, stated that her referred to himself as more of a “Jeffersonian” than a “Hamiltonian.”
As of 2:30 p.m., Speed was still at her post with fellow LaRouche PAC movement member Margaret Scialdone

Dateline Brattlesboro, Vermont.  Part of the Rachel Brown Campaign.

Visitors to Brattleboro’s post office Monday were greeted by a provocative image – President Barack Obama wearing what appeared to be an Adolph Hitler-style mustache. […]
They said they had traveled from Boston and acknowledged a “mixed reception” in Brattleboro, where they planned to stay only one day before moving on.

Asked about the altered Obama photo, one staffer said: “The image does grab more attention.” […]
The Brattleboro display included a promotion for Rachel Brown, a “LaRouche Democrat” campaigning for Massachusetts’ 4th Congressional District. That seat currently is held by retiring Democratic Rep. Barney Frank.

Campaigning for Rachel Brown in Vermont?

Gad, these items are predictable.  Dateline Plymouth, Michigan.  The group is not affiliated with Plymouth’s Art in the Park.
3…2…1 AND…  saw these same types of pictures of Bush during his term
 No, the Tea Party has neither the brains nor the guts, nor the creativity to do this. Why don’t all you fools stop watching TV, and listening to NPR and FOX or whatever outlet you get your daily brainwashing from, and study history and use your minds!


Dateline Pelham Post Office — Pleasantville, New Jersey

Art Murphy and Jeff Rebello, New Jersey residents […]
You know.  I may or may not be a hypocrite here… I don’t think I am, because I expect a certain amount of professionalism with even “patch” as a quasi-news service that I can disregard with this blog, but…
“Lyndon Larouche is an economist who’s been fight for 50 years against these globalist bankers and we’re mobilizing [blah blah]”



the curious departures of Obama’s liberal detractors

Monday, July 16th, 2012

In my stats’ “Recent Search phrase”: Is Jill Stein the Anti-Christ?

Answer: No.

It’s a perennial.  Everyone asks if every politician of any note is the anti-Christ.  I don’t know why Jill Stein matters enough to be the anti-Christ, but there you go.

She’s gotten a write-up in the NY Times over the weekend.  It is her brief moment in the spotlight.  And here’s what is interesting.

The Green Party’s supporters tend to be young, but the party is also popular with liberals of all ages who are disenchanted with the Obama administration.  Emily Winter, 24, is one such voter.  “I voted for Obama because he preached change, and he’s done impressive work in the area of women’s rights, heath care and foreign policy,” said Winter, a Boston University graduate student who approached Stein on a South End street to ask for a photo. “But I feel like too many other policies are stuck where they’ve been for years.”

The “Foreign Policy” angle is curious.  I saw it before from Congressman Peter Defazio…
Who claimed Obama has made the US No longer an International Pariah.  Citing other items as where Obama has failed us.

When other figures (you know… Glenn Greenwald…) claims this as the area Obama merges with the previous administration.

Senate race round ups

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Albert Gore’s campaign shows up somewhere.  Also on tap for Thursday are the Reform Party, Constitution Party and Democratic Party nominees for the U.S. Senate. Reform Party candidate Shawn O’Hara will thin the crowd, while Constitution Party candidate Thomas Cramer and Democratic candidate Albert Gore will be in full attack mode. Incumbent Republican Senator Roger Wicker is not listed to speak at this point.
Thomas Cramer Constitution Party at 9:10 AM
Shawn O’Hara Reform party at 9:20
Albert Gore, Jr Democratic Party at 9:30

August 2nd.  Be there at this state fair.  To see everyone except for the Senator who will serve the state for the next six years.

Montana’s Senate campaign focuses on meat.  Of course it does.  We’ll get bacon and beef jerky out of these two candidates before the campaign is over.

No endorsement for Yarbrough in Texas.
As for Yarbrough? He seems to be playing on his name, hoping that some Democrats don’t see that his name is spelled differently from their beloved former U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough – a progressive fiery Senator in his own right.

Linda McMahon is running for the Republican nomination in Connecticut.  Looks like she will win it.  Then lose in November, like last time.    It is a rather comedic campaign, actually.

The Democratic candidate in Arizona is catching flak for a politicizing a photo of him helping a guy.  Richard Carmona.  Weird controversy.

Shelley Berkley in Nevada… will either come through stronger out of her ethics charges, or be politically done.
We’ll see.


the 3rd party presidential candidates.

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Candidate Number One:  Virgil Goode.  Constitution Party candidate.  Designated right now as the Most likely “Spoiler”.  The “Spoiler” micro – targeted to his native Virginia, which was the “Tipping Point” state in the 2008 Presidential election (ie: if you go down the lists of Obama landslides to Romney landslides, it’s where Obama pulled over to 270 electoral votes.)

This expert (I call him an expert because it’s clear he knows the geopolitics of the situation) dismisses Goode’s chances.  It’s true that Goode was a fixture in Southside Virginia politics for well over three decades, as both a state senator and as a Member of Congress, but it’s unlikely that he will get serious consideration as a presidential candidate by voters outside the core of his former district, in and around Rocky Mount. He may, to be kind, win a couple hundred more votes than Baldwin obtained in 2008, when the Constitution Party got 7,474. Breaking 8,000 votes in Virginia, however, would be a noteworthy achievement for Goode and his party.

Remember that the problems Conservatives hold with Romney are about the same as the problems they held for McCain.  Also these “insert third party” polls always end up giving a third party candidate a percentage that never materializes — I think there is something to the fact that as the election comes into the front, there just is no media attention to these candidates, and the “Stakes are drawn” brings us to the two parties…

… And the biggest “These are the Stakes” matter, by the way, is the Supreme Court.  We have 2 Justices in their 80s that are on the Conservative block, and 1 Justice in their 80s on the Liberal block… ahem… a lot else ends up lost in the Security State and the divided Congress.

It’ll be fun to watch Goode’s endorsements pile up.  Christian Fundamentalist Ron Paul fans.
The Nebraska delegates are deciding between Paul and Romney Saturday. The pastor believes Republican delegates should obey God and choose Paul.  He explains that Christians and Libertarians agree that Christian Ron Paul is the best person to be President. The Christian vote is what will get Paul elected.  He believes that pastors and denominations silent on Obama’s and Romney’s sins is why there is corruption in government (Ezekiel 22:26-27). He has called July “Repent of non-Christians Romney and Obama Month” and calls pastors to speak truthfully. Learn more.(  “Will you pray, ‘Father, who do you want for President? In Jesus’ name. Amen.’ When I prayed God told me, ‘Of the three, I want Ron Paul.’ It matches Scripture.”  “If the Republican Party doesn’t nominate Ron Paul, then Christians should join the Constitution party and vote for Virgil Goode,” he continues.

The good news for Romney is we’re at the base level of supporters who would not even consider any Republican who might be nominated.  Note the fun had with Virgil Goode arguing he will get votes from both campaigns — the reality is he’ll be picking up from neither first, and from Romney second, and from Obama never.  Because his constituency thinks Obama is the Anti-Christ.

Incidentally, the more likely comparison for Goode than the last Constitution Party on percentages in home state is Libertarian Bob Barr for Georgia.  And he got… point seven percent.

Candidate Number Two:  The Green Party Candidate is Jill Stein.  Who has just made big news by not picking Roseanne Barr as her running mate.  No.  Really.  That’s the actual headline.

Long-shot Green Party candidate Jill Stein has chosen her running mate: Cheri Honkala, who, Stein said, is “the nation’s leading anti-poverty advocate.”
Honkala is so obscure that Wikipedia doesn’t have a page for her (as of this writing).
Roseanne Barr, a Green Party candidate who lost the nomination to Stein, was considered as a running mate but didn’t make the cut.

It says something that the photograph the news media uses is for neither the Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate.
I wonder if she made a quick pick just to side-step the media blurst attention toward Roseanne Barr…. which puts this campaign right in some Hollywood blog places.

 And that’s just about the last time Jill Stein’s campaign will be the news outside Inside These Times magazine.

Candidate Number Three:  Rocky Anderson on the “Justice Party”.  I used to wonder why the need for some duplication (Can’t he aim at the Green Party?), but now that I think about it… why the heck not?  Whatever attention these candidates get in traversing the nation on fluke media appearances is duplicated by the multiple candidates.
Attention Rhode Island … OpEd News needs to hear from 4 Rhode Island Rocky Anderson Supporters.

Candidate Number Four:  The second most likely “Spoiler Candidate”, and may wobble in and out for the top spot.  Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson.  Has a larger impact than Virgil Goode, but is in more states on this score.  Two to pay some heed to.

No one, not even Gary Johnson, expects him to score Perot numbers nationally. But in his New Mexico, he polls at 7 to 12 percent. In New Hampshire, he polls at 7 percent. If this is going to be an election defined by negative ads and Obama trying to disqualify Romney personally, there’s going to be some runoff into third party voting. The most serious third party candidate used to be a Republican. You can see how this goes.

He at least can claim to get some (liberal) Democratic votes on social issues (and national security), unlike Goode.  Maybe for Johnson we can see if he can snatch up to Ron Paul’s 2008 Montana showing of 2.2 percent.  (Though, Paul was not running.  And Gary Johnson does not have Paul’s constituency in the black helicopter groups.)

Candidate Number Five.  Interesting.  Socialist Tea has endorsed the Peace and Freedom Candidate.  After a week of voting for your preferred presidential candidate, the readers have spoken and Socialist Tea would like to officially endorse the Peta Lindsay/Yari Osorio 2012 ticket!
Shouldn’t this just be consolidated into “Occupy”, which is where we see Peta Lindsay marching anyway?
Google news the name and you’ll see a lot of press releases from the party.
(Wait.  This isn’t Peace and Freedom?  What?  It’s the Party for Socialism and Liberation?  Talk about splitting things up!  Also… they’re too young to be president.  So what’s their ballot push about?

 Candidate Number Six.  The Objectivist Party.  (Groan).  A one man operation, it would seem.  Tom Davis at least has a blog which… has a review of a presentation for the musical Hair.  He likes it.

Interesting controversy from the past about this man.
 I want to mention that Dr. Tom Stevens — of the so-called Objectivist Party has written the most absurdly offensive blog post possible: Farrah Fawcett’s E-Mail Reveals Ayn Rand Thought Their Sharing The Same Birth Date Had Significance. I won’t pain you by quoting the pompous blog post, but basically he accuses Ayn Rand of relying faith, superstition, and mysticism because she apparently made an offhand remark to Farrah Fawcett about them sharing a birthday.
Tom Stevens:  More Randian than Rand.

 Just so you know.  The Reform Party national presidential convention will be August 10-12 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The party is ballot-qualified in Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  Who possibly would attend such a meeting?
I think Darcy Richardson is the front-runner?  You may remember him as someone who ran against Obama in the Democratic nominating races, and wasn’t able to do the double digit hat trick of some other candidates.

Candidate Number Seven.  The good old reliable Socialist Party.  It’s Stewart Alexander.   If I were him, I may just aim my campaign to get citations in all “Obama is Not a Socialist, and I would know” news items.

Candidate Number Eight.  The Socialist Equality Party.  Trotskyite Party.  The Presidential candidate was campaigning in Montreal recently.  Because when you’re part of an International, your presidential campaign for national office can show no borders.  Fish his name out for yourself.

Candidate Number Nine.  Jack Fellure is running a far more old-fashioned campaign for a far more old-fashioned party, the Prohibition Party. Fellure has been the nominee of the Prohibition Party for almost a year, since they held their convention at a Holiday Inn in Cullman, Ala., in June 2011. Needless to say, the party’s platform includes support for a ban on “the manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages” as well as strong support for states’ rights and social-conservative values. However, as Florida Prohibition Party Chairman Bill Bledsoe made clear to a local newspaper, it’s still in favor of allowing people to drink:
“There’s nothing in the Volstead Act that says a person cannot drink,” he said. “But most people say, ‘Oh, you’re trying to take my booze away from me.’ Well, that’s just a lie from the pit of hell. What the national prohibition law did say is that no one can manufacture, sell, trade, or do commercial business with alcohol; you can make all you want at home, as long as you stay home and drink it.”
Fellure though takes a far stricter line on the consumption of alcohol, believing it isexplicitly forbidden in the Bible. He also forsakes the party’s platform for his own, which consists entirely of the 1611 King James Bible.
There is an Anti-Prohibition Party in New York.   As I recall in the past, the Prohibition Party had two states worth of ballot access.  They’re undoubtedly not in New York, so unfortunately the party won’t be able to run an anti-campaign.  (I also note the Prohibition Party ignores the borders… I noted them with a campaign stop in Washington State in 2004.  Also I think the party split that left two parties up there has heeled itself.)

Your Irregular Doc Hastings Watch

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Subpoena power.  It is what you’ve been waiting for when the Republican regained the House.

The House Natural Resources Committee is also investigating. Today, Chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash., demanded that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar make five high-ranking department officials — including his top adviser and a former White House liaison — available for interviews.
Hastings complained that the department has refused to turn over documents related to the moratorium report, telling Salazar the committee “is left with no choice other than to continue to pursue compliance with the subpoena.”
Spokesman Spencer Pederson said the chairman “is not taking anything off the table,” including a contempt of Congress charge, to enforce the subpoena.
Interior Department spokesman Adam Fetcher said the department turned over nearly 2,000 pages of documents and would “continue to cooperate with the committee’s legitimate oversight interests.” He also complained that the congressional investigation was “made up of an ever-changing and unsettled set of requests … to relitigate an issue that was resolved two years ago.”

The Excitement builds… everything is snow-balling and it’s one scandal after another

And, uh, one Jobs Bill after another.  They’re all Jobs Bills right now… and, I suppose, Jobs Subpoenas.

Last week, Attorney General Eric Holder became the first cabinet member in American history to be cited for contempt of Congress for refusing to produce documents pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious.

That’s a joke, right?

The George Soros and Obama Government One Again Restricts our Natural resources.

At least this isn’t an instance of the George Soros and Obama Government trampelling on the Constitution, per image on that last blog.

In other Doc Hastings news:
Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., powerful chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, wants the historical park in his district.  Usually, Hastings reacts with hostility when words like “park” or “monument” or “wild” or “conservation” get mentioned.

The idea is to turn Hanford (and Oak Ridge) into a new Disneyland.  Sounds like a plan every Congressional figure in the states of Washington and Tennessee can get behind, and everyone else can kind of shrug at.

But Cantwell and seatmate Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., ought to  negotiate a trade before bestowing this imprimateur on Tri-Cities history plus not-entirely happy memories of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and “Dr. Strangelove.”
They should trade a dead nuke for live bald eagles, orcas, a blue-green river and island bluffs.

Take that up with Occupy Hanford No Nukes Northwest.

Wikipedia.  Par for the course for some of these politicians:
The whole article smacks of having been written by Hastings himself or one of his staff lackeys. The following paragraph has no supporting documentation and is extremely offensive and I feel full of false information:
The line about Jay Inslee’s “dishonest campaign” is particularly humourous.  (And wikipedia watchers of this ilk should watch the Hastings article as Jay Inslee makes his run for governor).  But this editor doesn’t do himself any favors with
I have made comments above. I will rewrite the thing if you want but I suggest you find an objective person. Hastings is a corrupt right wing fanatic who hopefully will soon be out of congress.)  [As well…]
Further is to the right of practically every other congressman in Congress and holds sacred to the principles of the Tea Party
Actually the most “offending” part of this bunch is the “hopefully will soon be out of congress”.  It looks as though the Democrats aren’t fielding a candidate, and that he will end up facing a Tea Party candidate in the General election (which, whatever else he is, he isn’t “to the right” of “every other Congressman” and holds principles sacred to the Tea Party in as much as the Republican Establishment does.)

Don Bongino is fighting bureacrats and Albert Gore still has no web presence

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Dateline Maryland
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Bongino will be rallying against federal, state and local bureaucracies.
Bongino is headlining the rally on Wednesday in Temple Hills.
He’s citing costly regulations in health care as examples of federal government run amok.
The former Secret Service agent is running against Sen. Ben Cardin, a Democrat.

That’s the entire AP article.  Press release from the Dan Bongino campaign, I would say.

The Republican from Tupelo, Wicker is sitting on a $2 million campaign fund. His Democratic opponent is Albert Gore — a retired minister from Starkville who’s running a low-key campaign, not the former vice president from Tennessee. 

A “Low key campaign” is still a campaign.  I want evidence that this campaign exists.  I want to see some of his speeches before lacks of crowds on youtube.  A brief comment in some news item or other.  SOMETHING.

Because here’s the reason I am drawn to some of these “No Chance” candidates… Albert Camus from his journal in 1937…
Every time I hear a political speech or I read those of our leaders, I am horrified at having, for years, heard nothing which sounded human. It is always the same words telling the same lies. And the fact that men accept this, that the people’s anger has not destroyed these hollow clowns, strikes me as proof that men attribute no importance to the way they are governed; that they gamble–yes, gamble–with a whole part of their life and their so-called ‘vital interests’.

Also kind of why I find the presidential election a tad uninteresting and non-illuminating.  Looking at you, Obama, and the whole “You campaign in Poetry and govern in prose” line… a tacit admission of bullshit, somewhat.  Though, the one thing about running for re-election is that you are now forced down to campaign in the muckity muck of that prose.  I think Obama is riding tenants of Clark Clifford Memo and Rove strategy reprise 2004 — what to do in tough electoral climates — to victory, and that John Roberts may prove to be the man who put Obama over the top by giving him something to prove his lack of in-effectualness.

Chestnut in Wyoming, I think, gets this bit.  Maybe the Vermont “Moderate” candidate.

I think kinda notable

Republican Sen. Roger Wicker’s Democratic opponent Albert Gore is also listed in red, seemingly minting a race with two Republicans.

That’s pretty funny.  The Democratic Senate Campaign page in the past has mocked some of the Republican “fluke” candidates, though I wonder if some of those candidates might wander into “mainstream Republican” material after a few election cycles.  The Democrats went ahead and listed Alvin Green last election cycle.  The Republicans, notably, didn’t mention Bob Kelleher in 2008.  Why would they want to claim Albert Gore, I don’t know — even if it seems scurrilous to mock some old guy.

John Lewis to Occupy Movement:  “Be More Focused”...

An interesting thing.  A long haired hippy guy gave me a piece of paper with a link to Aaaron Russo on Infowars about Gun Control.  With Occupy time slots.  He said “This is why we’re losing our freedoms”, and darted off.  Arguably the Democratic candidate most attune to “Occupy” is this Cynthia Dill in Maine.  Tacitly ignored by the Democratic Party and in the end with nodded winks by the Republican Party.  Worth watching, though maybe not doing anything about.

So consult the Camus quote, Ms. Dill, and outod Elizabeth Warren on some things.

Get to know the Challengers for the Wyoming Senate Race

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Candidate Number One.  Your “Middle Ground”, huh?  Democratic Albany County Commissioner Tim Chesnut.  Yes, I do find that “find the center, always find and reposition to a center, the center must exist somewhere” line always tedious…
 The 47-year-old Laramie resident admitted his chances of victory were small. But Chesnut hopes his campaign will help shift the political climate away from the hyperpartisanship seen today and encourage politicians to find middle ground. […]

Chesnut doesn’t fit the mold of a conventional Senate candidate. Despite working two jobs, he needed help from the Albany County Democrats to pay the state’s $200 candidate filing fee. He also has multiple sclerosis, which he said often keeps him in a wheelchair.

I do like this attitude.

“I don’t know if I have a snowball’s chance in hell to do this thing,” he said. “But I know that I’m going to have a really good time going out and meeting with the people of Wyoming and learning from them.”

No.  Hobby candidacy in the Land of Dick Cheney.  A perfect excuse and chance to go around and meet people.  It works for me.

I suppose we should check in with his views on the Health Care ruling?

“The Act is not perfect,” said Chesnut. “But it is time to move forward and make it better. The alternative that Sen. Barrasso proposes – total repeal of the Act with nothing to replace it, is not good for Wyoming. I’m surprised that a physician can be that out of touch with Wyoming citizens. Before the Act, we had a badly broken health care system. Barrasso and the Party of No have nothing but that broken system to offer.”

And.  He fancies himself a comedian.

“I’d like to bring some civility and a sense of humor to Congress that seems to have been lost since Al Simpson,” he said. “My campaign slogan is: ‘Chesnut is the best nut for Senate.’”

Better keep on him and scrutinize his current elected position.

With Chairman Tim Sullivan presiding, commissioners Tim Chesnut and Jerry Kennedy approved a motion to transfer funds to cover budget deficits in the district court, clerk of the district court, county attorney’s office, fire warden’s office and coroner’s office for the 2011-12 fiscal year, which ends Saturday.

Rail against it just for the sake of being difficult.  HOW DARE THE CORRUPTABLE TIM CHESTNUT do that… move… he just did.

Candidate number two.  Running to everyone’s Right in the Republican Primary.   I don’t care if he’s for Universal Health Care…

For four decades, Thomas Bleming has fought to eradicate communism from the African jungle to the Panamanian rainforest.
But now, the 65-year-old Lusk resident wants to take his fight for freedom to the U.S. Senate. […]
This doesn’t sound so good, but… the man’s full of surprises.
He favors a government-run universal health care system for all Americans, and he said he would push to withdraw all American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. He also favors abolishing the Federal Reserve system and tearing up all of America’s IOUs to other countries.

On that last score:  And you thought the credit downgrade from AAA to AAplus was the end of it all?

There’s more on this guy:
A Lusk man running as a Republican for U.S. Senate seemed mostly unfazed after recently drawing criticism and controversy over reported Facebook posts disparaging Jews and agreeing with some beliefs of Adolf Hitler. 
Thomas Bleming, former decorated soldier and mercenary, is challenging against incumbent Sen. John Barasso, who recently said the people of Wyoming may find Bleming’s online postings “disturbing and wrong.” 
Bleming , 66, says his online posts, which cover a variety of subjects from second amendment issues to government investigations and controversies, are well-researched. 
“I spent countless hours (researching) everything I (post),” Bleming said. “I don’t deny them. (Barrasso) said they were wrong and disturbing, but he couldn’t say they were lies.”
“You’ll have people out there with every candidate, and for one reason or another, they love them or hate them” he added. […]
“It’s a grassroots movement; we’re not into putting out yard signs and the normal way of politicking,” he said. “This is a very unorthodox way of campaigning.”


Actually, if you go ahead and google him… he has quite the history of political activism, I will say.

Candidate Number Three… Al Humburg.  Perennial Candidate.  Interesting to note:
 Back in 1989, in a U.S. House campaign with the New Alliance party he was charged with forging petition signatures of dead people. In Wyoming, if you run under a minor party ticket, you need so many signatures to get on the ballot. Hamburg’s claim is that if he had won back in ’89, the deceased ones would not have been harmed. The Wyoming Supreme Court correctly said if he had won, voters would have been defrauded. Due to a lack of evidence, part of the conviction was overturned, and in 2003, his voting rights were restored. However, he is still a convicted felon and thus, barred from public office.

 The New Alliance Party???  He was with the Newman Fulanis… no kidding!  Actually, it seems that Fulani was on the “peace and freedom” ticket at the presidential level, and he was at the Senate level.

And the electoral history.  Highlighted where he got double digits.

08/21/2012 WY US Senate- D Primary ???
08/17/2010 WY Governor – D Primary Lost 4.86% (-43.14%)
08/19/2008 WY US Senate – D Primary Lost 37.62% (-24.75%)
08/22/2006 WY Governor – D Primary Lost 10.34% (-79.32%)
08/17/2004 WY – At-Large – D Primary Lost 9.25% (-38.58%)
05/14/2002 NE US Senate- D Primary Lost 40.69% (-18.62%)
05/09/2000 NE US Senate- D Primary Lost 7.39% (-84.72%)
08/21/1990 WY US Senate- D Primary Lost 18.79% (-16.28%)
11/08/1988 WY At-Large Lost 0.49% (-66.13%)
06/07/1988 CA US President – PFP Primary Lost 5.95% (-29.75%)
08/19/1986 WY Governor – D Primary Lost 6.19% (-64.73%)
09/11/1984 WY US Senate- D Primary Lost 31.09% (-14.20%)
09/14/1982 WY At-Large – D Primary Lost 43.66% (-12.68%)
09/09/1980 WY At-Large – D Primary Lost 23.06% (-30.02%)
09/12/1978 WY – At-Large – D Primary Lost 7.93% (-44.95%)
09/14/1976 WY At-Large – D Primary Lost 14.02% (-71.95%)
08/20/1974 WY – At-Large – R Primary Lost 6.52% (-69.35%)
08/22/1972 WY – At-Large – R Primary Lost 1.89% (-49.54%)

Candidate Number Four

University of Wyoming history professor Phil Roberts has announced he is running for the U.S. Senate as an independent candidate.
Roberts launched his bid because he said both Republicans and Democrats are leading the country in the wrong direction.
He said the country’s leaders should be focused on creating jobs, rather than chipping away at the nation’s budget deficit.
He said Republican-supported cuts are too severe, and he called President Barack Obama’s stimulus package of 2009 too “timid.”
Instead, Roberts said the country needs new major jobs initiatives similar to the New Deal programs that came out of the Great Depression.
So.  He’s the Liberal in the race.

And … comments… 3…2…1
” “Roberts has taught at UW since 1990. He specializes in American and Wyoming history, as well as legal, environment and natural resources history.”
It should read that ..”He has been polluting the minds of UW students for 22 years with his Liberal, Progressive drivel.”

Candidate Number Five.

William Byrk.  His name is familiar, and I think it’s just ’cause I sometimes wonder into this territory of fun.  It’s worth taking a look at his electoral history.  Double digits highlighted.

08/21/2012 WY US Senate- D Primary ???
05/08/2012 IN – District 08 – D Primary Lost 9.30% (-48.54%)
05/25/2010 ID US Senate – D Primary Lost 25.35% (-49.31%)
01/08/2008 NH US Vice President – D Primary Lost 21.35% (-25.58%)
01/08/2008 NH US Vice President – R Primary Lost 0.01% (-62.42%)
02/01/2000 NH US Vice President – R Primary Won 32.34% (+7.19%)
11/02/1999 Richmond County District Attorney Lost 1.66% (-59.99%)
11/03/1998 NY Assembly 59 Lost 1.70% (-69.75%)
11/04/1997 New York City Council 49 Lost 1.40% (-58.80%)
11/05/1996 New York City Council 05 Special Lost 2.33% (-69.54%)
09/09/1980 NY District 18 – D Primary Lost 5.94% (-74.92%)

Interestingly enough, he already lost a Congressional race in Indiana this year.  This guy gets around.