everyone has their Republican bonafide problems

There is a 30 second of clip on youtube of Newt Gingrich in a CSPAN interview saying that he was siding with “Rockefeller”  as the Rockefeller Chairman of the South — during the Rockefeller — Goldwater battles.  (A position that wouldn’t get you too far.)

In his last debate he referenced being part of a Goldwater Organizing Session.

The partisan and ideological problem for the Republicans with a Republican of Rockefellar antecedents pales next to Mitt Romney.  In his 1994 debates against Ted Kennedy, he claimed to have been an Independent during the Reagan administration, and a supporter of the presidential campaign of Paul Tsongas.  A curious attempt at pandering, considering Reagan did win Massachusetts twice, and disclaiming Reagan doesn’t get you any votes.
Of course, he had an about-face about various matters right when he threw away a chance at a second term and began running for the Republican nomination.  His story about his about face on abortion and stem cell research is especially hilarious.

For his part, Ron Paul has been tossing a photograph of him sitting happily next to Ronald Reagan, but as recently as 2008 was urging everyone to vote for either Ralph Nader, Cynthia Mckinney, Chuck Baldwin, or Bob  Barr.

I guess that leaves you with Rick Santorum.

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