Greatest campaign item ever.

A campaign image that was used by the Wendell Willkie for President campaign in 1940.  Was used on buttons — here we see it on a postcard.

  Anything plastered with this image almost certainly have to be valuable, beyond anything else the Willkie campaign put out, naturally of interest to afficinedoes of Mad Magazine.

The message of the image reminds me of Election Day 2000.  I heard from two sources the same mocking claim of hearing about a bus of retards being brought in to vote for Gore  and for Bush.  It struck me that the Bush supporter claiming the incident were on more solid ground being not afraid of being neandrathrals as against the Gore supporters who shouldn’t have been so damned insensitive and more politically correct in their jokes.

For the button — I don’t know — if you looked something like Alfred E Neuman, could you just go ahead and use it as a straight-forward sign of support for President Roosevelt?

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