the night of the toad

“Unbelievable and Hilarious.  Newt Gingrich has actually won the South Carolina Primary.”

Words spoken by a man, the only person he is speaking it to beside himself is someone who appears to be his son, oh about eleven years of age.

Which is not to say the eleven year old son might not be interested.  Probably is.  Just that he probably doesn’t know the full story of just who Newt Gingrich is, and why it would be unbelievable and hilarious.  He might have a good idea, perhaps.

And with that, one edges an ounce a doubt on Mitt Romney’s inevitability.  Just a tad.  Comedy gold is found in the news reports — as an endorsement by Chuck Norris figures in the explanation for Newt’s big win.

Meanwhile, the other big news.  Ron Paul collapses into fourth.  Yeah, it’s a state strong in military tradition, and so Paul is best off in the West and not the South, but… it looks like he reached his peak.


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