GOP Debates and hovers out

Jim Demint is not running for President.  He sort of kind of endorsed Michelle Bachman, though.

Michelle Bachman got a glowing USA Today cover story, citing her as now “Mainstream”.  We are doomed, doomed, doomed.  Bachman appears to be this week’s mode of Herman Cain — “Debate Performance” propped her up to “buzz” …

Buzz from whom?  I don’t know.  She announced her candidacy.  Her reason for running for President, I assume, is more noble than Newt Gingrich’s Candidacy — probably about what we suspected it.

With Donald Trump out, and Jim Demint announcing he’s out (were people sitting on the edge of their seats hoping for such a thing?), Rick Perry and Rudy Giuliani are entertaining thoughts.  (We know Giuliani is thinking of running beceause he ate lunch with New Jersey’s governor?) 

A sure fire sign of Huntsman running:
“I intend to announce my candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America a week from today,” Huntsman said.
Isn’t that an announcement?

You look wistfully back — for some reason Tim Pawlenty failed to call it RomneDoBamaCare.  But again:

As to the Tea Party? Dole said he thought he was conservative until this group came along. He’s still trying to figure them out.

We need an Eisenhower or a TPAW?

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