proposed fourth branch of government — sic

I spotted the following posted on a newspaper box.  I figure more people will see it here than would’ve seen in 10 point type taped to the the newspaper box, so I believe I am doing the author of this piece — a modern day Thomas Paine he — after tearing it from its box and posting it here.  (SIC) throughout.

For the record, I … um… oppose this “Reform”.


This is not a revolution!

Its just an attempt to show the American people to have the power to keep the politians we have voted for accountable to us the people that have given them the power to shape our country.  This meant only to inform you that the democracy we enjoy now may still be advanced toa chieve the level the 20st century deserves.

I purpose a new branch of government that monitors all of its political and governmental employees.  All employees of our federal government ranging from the president to the House of Representatives will willing allow all of America to view their actions inside and outside their work.  This new branch will keep the politicians accountable for every vote, action, or excessive spending, because all of America has the right to know how our country is being run.  The new branch also acts as a people’s court, where our accused politician will be judged by the 50 lottery selected people.  This jury will be made of one person from every state each must stay a secret tell the day of court, to maintain a bribe free jury.

This branch holds a court when a politician is requested to prove his or her actions are reasonable for the purpose of a greater order to hold this court there must be at least a thousand on camera signatures held at government offices to maintain constant prof that a significant amount of people hold that one person accountable for undermining the ideals the people of America believe best for America.  The court has only two verdicts, both need and 2/3’s vote in order to give a verdict.  The people’s court may fire the politicians on the spot and give the ex-politician’s authority to a “vice politician” or it may declare the accused to be in the right and allowed to continue work as normal.  If it is seen as two controversial than a court will be recast with 500 jurors’ to maintain a lever of none biasedopinion until the verdict has been given.  This is only a rough draft all numbers may change but the idea that Americans may weed out those that have proven themselves negligent in our government must remain.

With America’s power handed out to so few people based on a few months of elections, we the people must be able to act against our own government without any backlash or fear of consequences.  This new branch also keeps our political system free from the hands of big business bribing by bringing accused to court and having them prove that ((an example) the million sitting in their bank account in Switzerland is not dirty money but money they have earned rightfully) they he or she is still the best person for the job or they will be cast out of any place they currently hold power.  Sense we believed that a pure democracy is unachievable for the good of America, we must run America just as it is with its easily corruptible “checks and balances”, but at the same time we the people will have the information and power to publicize any suspicious activity’s inside the government and work with it to maintain a level of purity that our government promotes to foreign countries.  This new branch will also create a thousand of new jobs.

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