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Friday, June 25th, 2010

Rogers, like the other three unqualified candidates, probably woke up one morning and thought “I’m going to run for Congress” in the Democratic primary.
NOPE!  It’s a coordinated political campaign, hatched — I suppose — by Harley Schlanger — to work the “Multi-Marketing Scam” aspect of the cult.
And they probably think they are going to win. Roger claims she will talk or sing to the Democratic delegates at their convention this weekend. I think she will be escorted right out the back door.
But that’s probably true.  Even Summer Shields, who… is not on any ballot and never was.

Interesting tid-bit from the “Rachel Brown for Congress” campaign for the Great Post Office Tour.

I am glad that these were not Southbridge residents. They were members of the Lyndon LaRouche movement stumping for a candidate to oppose Barney Frank in the November election. The LaRouche Democrat is Rachel Brown. Her web site, with its errors in grammar and spelling, speaks for itself. They seem to have a problem with dates as well since at least 2 items are dated July 22, 2010. Perhaps this indicates a forward-looking candidate with clairvoyant premonitions of life on Mars.

Dot your “i’s”, dot your lower case “j’s”, cross the “t’s”, circle your “o’s”…
Or, in Summer Shield’s case… Register as a Democrat in time.  Summer Shields is still running for Congress in an unofficial “write-in” campaign.  The next event is the next event for all of the campaigns — the nth millionth Historic Webcast.  Then it’s back to the Post Office Tour.  I, frankly, don’t understand the point of the Summer Shields campaign from hence-forward.  Theoretically, the election campaign of these individuals would provide a focal point on the ballot for the various issues the org is campaigning on — Glass Steagal and Mars and so forth.  But unless they’ve stumbled on the new “pre-candidacy”, and after Barney Frank wins the nomination Rachel Brown will continue forth a “Write-In” campaign, thus keeping this act up for all three of their candidacies on into November — I imagine they could just cart out the “Obama Hitler” poster in San Francisco sans “Summer Shields for Congress”.

I note as “interesting” that Summer Shields’s Campaign, and what I suppose would be the high point in terms of attention directed at it, was mentioned in a dossier for the Jeremiah Duggan legal inquest.

It is worth noting that out of the sixteen named individuals banned from entering the UK
since October 2009 7 two have publicly shown some support to Lyndon LaRouche’s:
1. STEPHEN DONALD BLACK whose neo-Nazi website has
published supportive posts for LaRouche. For instance : Why White Nationalists
Should Vote For Lyndon LaRouche in 2004
commented: “When I read this stuff, it makes sense to me.” — Michael Savage,
reacting to the campaign of Summer Shield, the Larouche candidate for
Congress against Nancy Pelosi.

I can’t say I approve of that disgression, but I guess there is something there in the way of the org’s role as destructive demaougic presence.  Recently factnet has been graced by a poster calling himself “Heavy Metal Suicide” who has been defending the California Ballot Initiative “PANIC”.  How did Michael Savage vote on that one?

It coule be worse.  Kesha Rogers might have this supporter ?
As a man who identifies himself as African in America, I am excited that some folks who look like me might have a brain not wired to the national anti-black jewish cartel. There is a web site to document my statement: JEWISH DOMINATION AND EXPLOITATION OF THE BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. Google it and read it with your own eyes. It was written, not by Minister Louis Farrakhan, but by Jewish scholars and has not been refuted. Grio should be about truth, not propaganda. Hence, I suggest that you pursue the truth about America and its disease.

Article fail.
Those who have stopped by the Fort
Washington Post Office the past two Mondays have been asked about more than just stamps and shipping rates. They’ve been asked to get involved in politics.

Thomas Sewell has “gone there”, leading a few politicians to follow forth.  This guy — that makes two people on the ballot in Texas for Congress making Obama Hitler Comparisons.  What can I say — It’s raining Hitler!  It always is.  The LYMers are made up of people who feared that Bush was leading us down to Hitler — now they’re raising money from people thinking Obama is leading us to Hitler.  Also a fan of Thomas Sewell’s “Hitler” article: Sarah Palin.   Sarah Palin, interestingly enough, gets this quip:

If you haven’t read LaRouche on deathpanels, than you’re listening to dipshit Sarah Palin. Only LaROuche shrewdly and cogently initiated (that means FIRST) the discription of the ‘health reform’ picked up by know-nothings as simply

I suspect that Kesha Roger’s name has become more engrained as background noise, and I’ll see a small steady rumble of her name mentioned in a way that died off after her March nomination.  She stands on the shoulders of Novelty Candidate Giants — namely Alvin Greene — who has given Republican partisans a narrative to work with.  I do see one supporter of Greene and opponet of Rogers in the comments section here.    Time Magazine caused some ripples of attention, and some bloggers probably picked it up when the Weekly Standard blog picked it up.  Michelle Malkin, wonkette

Pat Noble!
Her program sounds like a winner to me, I don’t care with whom or what party she is affiliated.
It would have been more honest had Pat Noble mentioned she’s also with the LaRouche cult along with Kesha.
I am pretty sure that Pat Noble posted some comments more anonymously at various blogs during this week’s Kesha Rogers burst of attention — I suspect the Larouchies are behind a “shouldn’t give up on comparing Obama to Hitler” at the first things site.

Hey! This is some weird comment circle jerk with Michael Hodgkiss and Howie G.

Michael Hodgkiss Says: June 20th, 2010 at 7:39 pm
LaRouche is great, and Kesha Rogers is wonderful. The world, IS changing, in spite of Obama.
Howard Gibson Says: June 21st, 2010 at 9:01 am
Hi Mike, you know from Washington DC how much crap we went through, like for DC General Hospital which ultimately was shut down. Now, as LaRouche has said, this is our time.
judson Says: June 21st, 2010 at 9:43 am
< -I’m a liberal and i support impeachment as this point.

They cannot even whip a senile Trotskyite or a few GOP frat-boys playing “covert operator”.

Some of these coverages are just odd.
People are beginning to see the truth, but better not tell Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton that there are African Americans that are breaking ranks with them. […]
Like Thomas Sewell, I bet.
Kesha won her primary last week.
She won it in March.  You picked the attention up from a Time Magazine article from this week covering a nomination from March in the wake of a South Carolina election result, off the basis of “two makes a trend”.

I don’t understand why Conservative Bloggers — here and at First Things, not named David P Goldman, are joinging the Larouchies in demanding the media show their photograph.  But it has given Dave Wiegel a shot at a narrative — and who knows?  Maybe there’s something sustainable enough to leave Kesha Rogers some minituae of attention to November.

The video of Kesha Rogers is hilarious, not only because she is incoherent, but because they never show how few people are in the audience.
Classic cropping technique.

How bad are things in the Lone Star State. So bad that the craziness can no longer be contained and controlled by the Texas GOP:
Look.  North Carolina produced this Republican nominee, spouting out a line that may well be adopted by the Larouche org.  Don’t take it too hard.

“”The people have spoken,” (the “sane” Republican defeated) Reeves told the Raleigh, NC News & Observer. “It’s sort of like anarchy out there, where qualifications and credentials don’t matter.”

You want a guage on Rachel Brown’s chances?  Close to nil.  I suppose historically speaking, she has one spot to hitch her wagon toward.  I think John Dingell in the Republican Landslide year of 1994 got a scare on his primary night by an unknown garnering 40 plus points.  That’s the sort of outlier that floats about here — but I wouldn’t bet on it.
But don’t vote for Rachel Brown — Rachel Brown is the puppet of “Big Table”.  She wants to push the “Big Table” agenda on the Middleboro City Council — they won’t let her.

Selectmen have refused to meet with a political action committee that has been demonstrating in front of the post office for months.

The board decided unanimously to deny the LaRouche Political Action Committee’s request for a meeting, on the grounds that the group’s agenda concerns national matters over which the selectmen have no say.

“This is not a local government issue,” the board said in a June 9 e-mail to the group.

Standing somewhere or other:

Despite their efforts to spread word on their cause, the two refused to give their names or speak on the record with the Milford Times.

In other news: everyone thinks George Soros is out to get them.
Larouche’s views on General McChrystal has taken a convenient shift.
Finally, in the guise of “Single Mad Belief”, we have a Larouchie Wikipedia Sock Puppet whose name matches his/her identity.  As you see, his attempted edit is by way of convincing the world that Larouche is Big in Russia and respected by this and that authority.  I also see at wikipedia an attempt to affect the history of where the cult stood on Obama between Election 2008 and sometime when they picked up on the “Tea Party” spots that they could stand about and “lead the mass strike”.

Al Gore

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Okay.  That’s the last straw.  I’m voting for Nader.

not macarthur

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Obama had to axe General McChrystal.  End of story, and I think if you could pin down the partisan hacks who thump that “he just spoke the truth” down by laying down the scenario, leaving out the party references, they would have to admit it.
Then again, the professional Military apparatus would have no problem spotting the bias toward the “D”.  See here:

Clinton vs. Campbell

1993: Air Force Maj. Gen. Harold Campbell ridicules President Clinton during a speech in Europe, calling him “gay-loving,” “pot-smoking,” “draft-dodging” and “womanizing.” He retired after accepting a fine and letter of reprimand.

I flipped over and past and through several Conservative talk radio programs for brief jaunts.  It is a whole different universe.  They bring up Truman and MacArthur.  The analogy for Obama and McChrystal is not apt — like it or not, Obama and McChrystal are on the same goddamned page on the Afghan mission — Obama gave him everything he demanded and maintained contempt.  It’s possible his frustration came from wanting an out?
The one good thing I get out of the talk radio spoutings on Truman, or the little I picked up, is a good little “finis” to some neo-conservative Truman love-fest and “why can’t the Democrats be more like Truman?” — The Weekly Standard once posited that Truman would fit the Republican side of the aisle today with his hawkish foreign policy.  As always, the historical lines bring out something to the effect that MacArthur advocated Insanity, Truman let him go, and Truman was accused of Appeasement.  It was good to hear Truman being called an appeaser, flashback to 1950 political dis-entanglements… string the line through to today.  The parties look about the same, actually… for some ill effect.
… I don’t know what satire of Jingoistic extra-military cadre that a clique might have appropriated back then for a self-described nickname, ala “Team America”, though.

exhuming the Vernon Jones Senate campaign

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Looking about on the political controversies of Vernon Jones, I see that he is running for Congress.  Why?  Can he win?

Understand, in 2008 he ran for the Georgia Senate Democratic nomination — and put out this flier:


On March 23, 2007 Jones announced he was running for the United States Senate against incumbent Republican Saxby Chambliss. His campaign saw immediate controversies. In campaign literature, Jones sent out a flier in which he appeared in a picture next to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with the words “Yes We Can.” However, Obama himself stated he not only never posed with Jones (the picture had been digitally altered), he did not endorse Jones or any other candidate for the Democratic nomination for Senate. In response, Jones blamed his “liberal opponents backed by the liberal media” for trying to ruin his campaign.

Things got hairier from there, and apparently it runs in his political nature.  One thing you might fault him for in a Democratic primary?

Another source of criticism leveled against Jones, mostly by chief rival Jim Martin, attacked his more conservative national record. On his campaign website, Jones acknowledged being a conservative Democrat, and in an interview, told the press he voted for George W. Bush.[9] Additionally, Jones donated more than $2,464 in two separate donations to the Georgia Republican Party in 2001.

It was with that that once he lost to the nomination to Jim Martin — his black support base eroded between the initial primary election and the run-off as the rules of “Identity Politics” goes to waste against the issues–, the National Democratic Party swooped in and made the elction between Martin and Chambliss a race they were willing and ready to fight for and pour some resouces into.  Watching the campaign polls, Martin was always down by 3 to 6 points.  Chambliss just barely was forced into a run-off, Martin’s vote percentage matching Obama’s reasonably “on the edge of contesting” vote total in Georgia, a Libertarian candidate siphoning off a few percentage points that forced it into the run-off.  There, Martin was swamped — the black vote not motivated to the polls, the Conservative Base had an early rallying call — an early erosion of White Southern voters against Obama — the Republicans brought in Zell Miller for some campaigning and Jim Martin brought in … Jay Z???

What makes me ponder the existence of Vernon Jones, out of the political graveyard?  Something about here:

The buzz among many savvy Republican and Democrat insiders is that Jones is doing Chambliss a big favor. Chambliss probably doesn’t have to worry about his seat. He has a solid base among the new-segregationist, religious-nutcase, hate-Atlanta bunch.

But it’s just possible the Democrats could find a viable Senate candidate – such as Jim Butler, a progressive and well-connected trial lawyer from Columbus. If Jones, prior to May 2008 when he’d have to formally declare his candidacy, appeared to be running for the Senate, he’d siphon support and money from other candidates. Jones is a celebrity in DeKalb, with its large black and liberal base that’s essential to a statewide run by a Democrat.

He could be the bomb that blows apart a true Democratic bandwagon on its way to unseating Chambliss.

It’s worth recalling another DeKalb pseudo-Democrat, Denise Majette. The anti-Cynthia McKinney Republicans in DeKalb crossed over to the Democratic primary in 2002 and sent Majette to Congress. Two years later, she made a run for an open U.S. Senate seat and was soundly trounced by Republican Johnny Isakson, as everyone knew she would be.

Republicans nurtured her political career from the beginning. They knew a GOP candidate couldn’t hope to unseat McKinney in DeKalb.

Had the Democrats fielded a real candidate in the Senate race against Isakson, there was the slimmest chance the Republicans would have lost. Majette had no chance, but she could snare the black vote and ensure that the Democratic nomination for senator went to a sure loser: her. Was she a convenient fool, or will she be the recipient of Republican favors in the future?

Skip forward two years.  Skip over to the neighboring state of South Carolina.

Look.  I already said that I don’t find the election results of a complete unknown beating another unknown.  The pull of Alvin and the Chimpmunks and Al Green the singer beats the pull of Vic any day of the week.  But there remain some problems with that candidacy — could Alvin Greene please have filled out his quarterly filings with a bunch of “$0” allotments, please?  Those FEC filing requirements aren’t there for your health, are they?  (At the very least, they force a candidate into an active, even if anemic, political campaign.)

Okay,  to ween away from the shiny object that is that kooky candidacy — it bears some import to mention some more reasonable but probably not competitive Senate candidates.  Roxanne Conley is running against Chuck Grassley in Iowa.  Seems a good person to vote for if you were in Iowa.

social mores

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Hm.  Interesting Letter in the paper.

Uncomfortable exposure
We shouldn’t have been surprised, I guess, that while at a family gathering outside the Rose Festival Waterfront Village looking at the floats, a group of police department-condoned nude bicyclists/exhibitionists pedaled by, waving at all the people, including the small children in our group. What a sick statement that makes to the general population and the children. Why does this perverted minority in Portland have the right to disturb the majority? This is clearly wrong. A society has the right to establish mores and values by the majority. The “Rose Festival” now to us will simply connote “anything goes” and out-of-control liberalism.

We will boycott Portland events and urge others to do so in the future, at least until there are more rational government and police enforcement entities in office.

West Linn

To clarify the situation for Chris and Kathy Scheller of West Linn, and from what I understand, Nudity is legal if it has no Sexual Gratification attached to it — or to put another way — the Nudity is legal so long as you go out of your way to be unsexy.  So there are your mores.
Wait.  Was this in the floatation exhibition thing?  I thought they pedalled away in disunion with a

Everyone’s marching around in circles.

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Somewhere around the Rose Garden, a rally was held wanting or demanding or hoping that the Portland Trailblazers basketball franchise would sign Lebron James.

Meantime, down by the waterfront a motorcade of police officers slid alongside a grouping of Anarchists, hemming them in and likely using the word “Containment” in discussion of strategizing what to do with this march — as they chanted, “No Justice, No Peace, Fuck the Police”.  Or so I heard.  I can’t quite get it down, because it seems like there should be a phrase in between the “No Peace” and the “Fuck the Police” — try it and say it aloud  — three or four syllables are missing in the cadence.

The Oregonian has, at oregonlive, coverage of the James rally.  I don’t see the 75 or 100 Anarchists there — for that, I have to go over to Portland Indymedia.  Granted, I don’t see coverage of the Lebron James rally at Portland Indymedia either — might be tucked in their Sports section somewhere.

On Sunday, I found myself mid-morning unexpectedly surrounded by Lesbians.  Gay Pride Parade!  I walked past it, and saw a few exhibits.  It’s a conservative and highly corporate affair.  I don’t know what Bill O’Reilly does anymore to get some “Scary” footage — No groups of nearly naked men prouncing about in underwear to the tunes of ABBA (It’s a Bill O’Reilly clip I saw years ago that is seared into my mind).  No NAMBLA float.  Politicians of the local city council stripe ushering in their staff (rhymes with “Saltzman”, following close on the heels of an Airline crew with small inflatable airplane balloons.  Are the parade of churches at the start or finish of these things?
Don’t see any mention of this thing at Portland Indymedia.  Probably view it as a bunch of Yuppies.  I see that the Oregonian article has over 80 comments — Brace yourself for comments such as:

voicefromthehood June 20, 2010 at 6:54PM
I’m from Massachusetts. We started 15 years ago with a gay parade too. Look where we went…
Don’t know if that’s pro or anti.  I think I’ll jump around various blogs and toss up indecipherable comments like that at various “Culture War” items.
Next week, the Queer Basketball fan Black Blocks are going to hold a march — be there or be… um…

Use the word “freeganism” next time.

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Did you hear about Pat Robertson’s outrageous remarks?
Actually the remark not all that outrageous.  Or, better to say they are outrageous — maybe even as outrageous as other things he has said, but with the depressing remark that it’s a tad too normal a sexist trope.  Anyway, Dog Bites Man — Pat Robertson noted.

So, you hear about what Rush Limbaugh had to say?
Okay.  As with Pat Robertson, it sort of seems pointless to backtrack whenever Rush Limbaugh says something “provacative”.  But I’m a bit at a loss.  The thing about Rush Limbaugh is that there tends to be an item of “nuance” in his “provacations”.  To his admirers, he’s “exposing Liberal hipocrisy”, and there’s a supposed set up with these things.  Bear in mind, I am not defending him per se, so much as giving him his definition.
So what do we have with this one?  Really, nothing so much as I can tell.

What Limbaugh is expressing is his frustration at seeing every year an evergreen story about Childhood Hunger, that students who rely on the School Lunch Program are now left without that meal.  He does not want to hear about such a problem, or to consider it a problem he would have to deal with in any measure.  His experiences — the listeners’ experiences, presumably, are that when they were children, they could easily obtain food from the Pantry and Refrigerator in their house.  There is a smidgeon of resentment about the poor spending  food stamps on cheap processed junk food in lieu of preparing more nutritious food items — such that we hear about the potato chips and “perhaps even can of corn”.  Skip to the Dumpster Diving and the curious remark about “videos that have been produced to show you how to healthfully dine and how to dumpster dive” —
Understand, when I hear of a remark from Limbaugh, I always try to sort out what attitude he’s trying to “expose”.  I may be giving him too much credit for this one, but I … guess there might be a hinge-point here.  Did he, like, see an article in the Village Voice vaguely supportive toward Anarchists’ videos on how to most healthily “Dumpster Dive”?  Is this just showering resentment to the middle class, even lower-middle class, audience members to deride poorer people than them and helply identify with them the upper class they strive to be part of?  Then again, some current trends suggest the possibility that we’ll just cut parts of the public out of the Economy, so the game becomes one of projecting the children fifteen years into the future.


So, did you hear about Jerry Brown’s outrageous remarks?  Still smarting from the Dead Kennedys song, I take it.

But back to the problem of the children…
Orrin Hatch thinks their parents are all on drugs anyways.

There is a spectre that looms over the midterm elections, and it’s kind of weird.  It came from out of Representative Barton’s remarks, which posit the Democratic Party with a pivot point.  The Democratic Party just might end up losing the most negligible of ground.  Roll down the Senate seats — it’s long been pegged that the Republicans start off with four currently held contested Senate seats — North Dakota, Arkansas, Indiana, and Delaware.  Maybe Indiana or Delaware will shift — but I doubt it.
After that — shoot.  The Republican candidate — Mark Kirk — in Illinois has run into a headache.  In Nevada, if Harry Reid were given the opportunity to draw up a profile for any opponent he could, he wouldn’t dare draw up “Tea Party Favorite” Sharron Angle.   The fifth most likely Republican pick-up seems to be Colorado, where the Democratic candidate has surged upward in the polls, seemingly based on a consolidation of Hispanic support in the wake of political happenings over there in Arizona.  And, no I don’t see “Tea Party Favorite” Pat Toomey beating Joe Sestack in Pennsylvania — (Wait.  Wasn’t that Sestack scandal the new Wategate?)
Meantime, Charlie Crist has consolidated Democratic support in Florida after quitting the Republican Party and is skipping ahead of Marc Rubio by a sizable amount — the the effect that I gather Crist will end up beating (“Tea Party Favorite”) Rubio.  Ohio and Missouri are toss-ups, and New Hampshire almost is.  I’ve been trying to keep an eye on the polls in Kentucky — my guage is that “Tea Party favorite” Rand Paul will end up winning the election on Election Day by eight or so points but who knows?  North Carolina comes across about like that.  And the Democrat in Louisiana seems to have had a polling up-tik — frustrating things happening off the ocean there.
So, I gather Republicans pick up two three seats, where a month ago I’d figure they pick up five or seven?

Even as the “party in power” has troubles “reconciling the contradictions” of the public opinion, it is simply a matter that in a period of Economic Frustration, eventually the concerns of leading Republicans like Rush Limbaugh toward reading about the existence of poverty (even relatively low level) seem a little misplaced.  Actually, this exchange largely reminds me of this SNL bit.